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I would disagree.. the fabric is nicer than the BB's I have owned.. and I puchase my bb's from the SF flag ship store and I was told not all 1818's are half canvassed.. the main difference between the 346's and the 1818's from what I was informed was the fabric and cut and the fact that some are partially canvassed.. he also showed me.. opened up an 1818 infront of me that he owned to illustrate the point (was a jacket that he was taking to the tailor's) and then did the pinch test on others and he was on the money.. I do not know if this is a recent change to brooks brothers.. but this was as of October.

I don't buy from BB, but I've heard the same thing about 1818's from a BB salesperson. I think that the guy, who said "all 1818 suits are half-canvassed," was a victim of "bro' science."

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yea maybe. I guess I am confused because he did show me an 1818 jacket that he owned and opened it up and there was no canvassing anywhere. Maybe it may have been the milano.. I also tried on the fitz and regent and they were just baggy in the mid-section and too short for me in the arms.. so I went for the Milano that had higher armholes and more natural shoulders.. I feel with suit supply they are imitating Neopolitan jackets with a softer, lighter jacket and canvassing..kind of like works for me in a climate thats hot 9 months out of the year and cooler the rest. I am a fan just from the stand point of quality. The armholes on Suit Supply suits in general are higher than on brooks brothers, the fabric's are nicer, the canvassing is light (almost like a second skin), the cut is slimmer, the lapels wider..and overall much cheaper.. hey I own a couple of brooks brothers suits (all milano's) and have tried on a couple of fitzgeralds...I just prefer my SS's more.. not saying that Brooks bros is not a great Label.. but price point comparison's, I feel that suit supply takes the cake. This is all from my view point and also respect and understand yours is different. It comes down to the mantra that beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess..

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Thanks for the feedback.  I will be sure to get it tailored as such.  The jacket doesn't need to be taken in at all?


Follow up question:  This is a Banana Republic Suit, I got it at 50% off, which made it $265.  Does anyone have any experience with getting this tailored at Banana Republic?  I'm guessing most people would recommend going to a local tailor, but just wanted to see if anyone had any feedback with BR's tailoring service?



Also, I know the quality of this suit is not the greatest (I already found a loose thread and I haven't even worn it out yet.)  I read a ton of threads, and many people focused on what suits not to buy, but did not suggest too many alternatives (Obviously everybody reccomends BB, but it's probably out of my price range.) What are some good suits that have a slim or tailored fit that could be found for relatively cheap (<$500)?  Thanks

Nice BR suit.  I got the same one (and a couple more) on their 50% off F&F sale last week.  For the price they're impossible to beat.

BR does outsource their tailoring to local businesses.  If you have a Luxe card w/ them basic tailoring (i.e. hemming pants) is free.

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