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Seeking advice re Boots for smart casual wear- Style newbie

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Hi, I'm a style newbie who has often been directed to this forum when loking at stylish clothing products.

I'm Chinese and of medium build, and doctor by trade. My general style over the years has been that casual street wear t-shirts/shirts, jeans and trainers. I've a wealth of black casual jackets. For the last few years my staple boot when not wearing trainers has been my Timberland boot company chukka in vintage worn black colour.

As I'm approaching that magic 40 years mark I've become more concious of dressing in a 'smart casually'. Over the past year I've been buying more fitted shirts, John Smedley v-neck/crew neck knits, and darker jeans. I've also recently invested a Nanamica Field jacket/blazer (again in black). Very occasionally I may wear a fitted dark blue or black chino trousers.

I am now considering investing in a solid boot to complete my smart casual (stylish mature) look. I'd love some advice on a smart boot which may compliment my clothes and around the £250 budget and with rubber sole. Personally I think a detailed chunky boot would be best, and I'm think a non shiney black or dark brown.  

However the reason I'm here is that I'd love your advice in only which boot may be best to suit me and also in colour


Boots I've had in mind are:

Herring Clare

Sanders Cheltenham (in black or brown?)

Red Wing Beckman


I could be way off the mark as to what may look good however I'm happy to take on board any suggestions Thanks

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I have something like the herrings and the red wings. Like both quite a bit.
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What kind of clothes do you wear them with? Which colours?

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i have the redwings in i believe its called cigar. Looks pretty similar to your link. The wingtip boots are a very dark chocolate.

I wear them with dark denim, navy chinos and the like. Goes perfectly with the weather at this point in the northeast us.

typical outfit:

dark levi's 513 jeans, redwings, checked dress shirt, lambswool half-zip sweater, barbour quilted jacket in navy, scarf if necessary. done.
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Another vote for the Beckman.

I think they look especially good with a pair of slim tapered raw denim jeans, especially when paired with a hip-length classic fit waxed jacket (e.g. Barbour Bedale) or full-zip slim fitting sweater.
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If you like those style of boots, I wouldn't wear formal wear with them. Stick to jeans and chinos maybe with polo shirts, T or long sleeve (button down)

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Some people have pointed me in the direction of Loake Bedales in mahogany.
What do you think?
Anyone own these?
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I would also look at the websites of Meermin, Markowski and Septieme Largeur.
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Thanks Roger

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I have a pair of Loake Bedales. They are an excellent pair of boots. Very well made and stylish without being too over the top.

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Having gone through all the threads in the forum I decided to go for a pair of Tricker's stow in espresso. I'm sure they'll last me a good number of years!

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