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About shoes polishing

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Hello guys. I am relatively new to the forum , i just signed up recently. 


Since there are a lot of connoisseurs around here I figured it might be a proper place to ask this. I recently came across a website where I live that sells shoes polishing products. Since I own some nice pairs of shoes I thought I would give them a shine. Not really knowing that the actual procedure implies checked the internet and found some useful videos, one from Justin Fitzpatric, artisanal shoe polisher for Gieves & Hawkes . 


This is what I ordered from the store: 


1. Saphir Pate de Luxe 50 ml neutral wax 

2. Saphir Lux Medaille D'Or Brown Polish

3. Renovateur Creme 100 ml

and 2 brushes. 


Can anyone highlight me wheter this is the right "configuration" or not ? 



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I don't actually use brushes, I use 2 cloths. One to apply the cream (I always use cream, after I've ruined a pair of shoes with that shitty sponge attached to chemical bottle stuff), I've used cream that has bees wax, apply the cream on one shoe, nice and slow then apply on the other shoe. By the time you've done the 2nd shoe, you should be ok to buff the 1st shoe with your other (the clean) cloth. I do it once a week, and, in case of emergency, you can always take the shoe off and buff it with your sock real quick to apply a refresh (if you have ocd...)


edit: si eu sunt roman :D am recunoscut numele...

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