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Styleforum's global and US ranking - Metrics

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Nerd Alert!

Okay, so as a Marketing Manager, occasionally I poke around to see how certain sites rank based on traffic. I thought I'd take a peek at how SF does and here are the results as of today:

Global Rank - 13,828
US Rank - 5,948 (Pretty impressive!)

High Impact Search Queries:

1 style forum - Medium
2 ray ban aviator sizes - Medium
3 styleforum - Medium
4 black shirt black tie - Low
5 moncler size - Low
6 clothing forums - Low
7 stefano bi loafers retail - Low

Demographics (I was surprised at these figures):

Ages 18-24 were the most over-represented.
Ages 24-34 were the next most over-represented.
All subsequent ages were under-represented.

The vast majority of visitors do not have children.

Most browsing is done at school (versus work or home).

Of the education level, completed college is over-represented. While the rest are right in the middle or under-represented.

Google accounts for 24.1% of the Unique Visits. While eBay consists of 2.8%, and Facebook has 2.66% of all unique visits.

Some interesting stuff in there for those of you care about this stuff. I sometimes wonder who else is on the other end of the keyboard (besides Stitches since we all know what his beard and front porch look like), and these metrics shed a little more light on it.
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Cool, fellow marketer here. I have been out of school for a year and Im working in a small startupish digital marketing agency. Why did you choose the queries you did?
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I didn't really choose these queries. I use for some light snooping, and it usually delivers what I need. Nothing too in depth, but enough to get a good high-level pass of the situation.
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