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Sport Coat advice for newbie- Isaia used or High Society?

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Hi all- So I'm pretty new to the forum, and the item I desperately need to buy is a sport coat.  I live in Los Angeles, and I stopped by Barney's to try on the Isaia line, and besides loving the fabrics and craftmanship, it was a great OTR fit for me (I'm 6' 3", and 185 lbs).  However, the $2500ish price range is too steep for me. And: as I said, I'm in LA, just a mile or two from styleforum favorite Richard Lim/High Society.   I had a chance to stop in there briefly a few weeks ago, and it certainly seems like a great place.


So the question is, if I want to get a sport coat in the $800-900 ish range, given my situation, am I better off getting something bespoke at High Society, or hunting down a quality Isaia in my size on ebay (I'm 54L).  Since I am fairly new to all of this, if I told Richard I wanted something like an 'Isaia cut' without getting into the specific details which are a little over my head, would he be able to work with that?  I can see advantages to both approaches, so I'll probably ultimately go with my gut, but would be curious for thoughts.  Thanks to all.

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Have to say, in Isaia, 54 sounds large given your ht/wt. I find them to be a size down(along with other high end labels though not all) from many of the usual brands. It is more the 'sweater' fit, not the drape.
Eventually, it is up to you to make the decision and you can tell me to fly a kite about it but try it out if you like. And you could post pics of the two for others to give you some fair takes. And maybe your shape defies your body specs so I am completely out of line.



I don't know High Society and thus have nothing to say on that.


But if you are in LA, you could check out actual showroom), SF affiliated vendor. I have never purchased from them but the rep here seems very good and certainly will not be paying 2500 for an Isaia. 


Whichever way you choose, good luck.

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Thanks- in most US suits I am a 42l but the 52l in Isaia seemed a bit tight and 54l seemed better.  Maybe I'm more like 190 lbs these days, for better or worse..

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Depending on where the tightness was located(and to what degree, of course), there is often easy relief.

I have had the case on a RTW jacket where a good tailor literally let out a part of the jacket on site in 2 mins to demonstrate that the tightness was not a concern, ie, there was room for the alteration to make it just right all over.

Honestly, if you are usually a 42, going 44 sounds wrong. Or perhaps I am wrong.

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