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slutty tees

ended up going with the L (my usual size) and def glad I didn't go by their sizing suggestion and get the XL.

def blousey and soft. nice, but not sure if $74 nice. gonna hit h&m tomorrow and see if I can't save myself $60 a shirt
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I tried the H&M one on in a store. The white ones are thin to the point of transparency, and the inside-out rolled seam detail on the neck is a little weird, but for $12 not bad
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Oops double post
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I got the asos scoop neck in smoked pearl. More promiscuous than the stock photo suggests. Will post a picture soon. My only wish was that it was longer (its long but not RO long)
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One second
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I had some I bought a few years ago. They ended up shrinking and becoming unwearable after a wash or two.
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unwearable because of shrinkage? did u machine wash and tumble dry? I usually just hand wash and hang dry
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I machine washed cold and tumbled dry. They didn't fit me that great to begin with, and for what they cost, I wasn't trying to do anything special.

I usually wear the AA loose crew summer t, which depending on the color, come out fine after machine washing and drying. They don't last more than several cycles though, and end up getting holes near the seams. Not worth their retail price IMO.

I just ordered a few of these, and I'm hoping will work out better.
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You can try the John Elliott U neck tee too. It's in the same price range. I haven't tried it but it has positive reviews in the thread on here.
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not sure if this came up already but i get all my tshirts from muji

comes in a 2 pack for 13 dollars and i get an XL despite my true M sizing :p

and its all good

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Looks good. Just don't ever wash it and you're set.

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lol ill just hand wash and hang dry. if it shrinks ill just get a size up and try again before I call it quits biggrin.gif
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Is asos' size guide accurate? Going by them, I am an xxs. I'm 55 kg and usually wear s, I'm afraid xxs would be too tight although the chest measurement fits me.
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Idk what to tell you but i am wearing a L in that pic at 5 10 and 175lbs (maybe more now haha)
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