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Gonna pick up some silent short sleeves soon. Long sleeves are so good. ASOS scoops are weird, they're a bit boxy in the waist, tight in the chest and the sleeves feel really short.
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I just got one of the scoop-neck shirts from

The fabric feels really nice, the hem is curved, there's plenty of sleeve and body length, and it's pretty damn slutty. At $36, it's a bit cheaper than some of the t-shirts already discussed here.

Unfortunately, the smallest they make is an M, and their M it fits me like an XL. Even if it shrank a full size in the wash, the dropped shoulder and muumuu effects would still be in full swing.

If you're a bigger guy and/or like the oversized look, they're worth the asking price.
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Looks nice, man. I don´t mind it a bit drapey and oversizes, but if it verges in basketball/hip hop/skate oversized territory, I´m out.


I was tempted to show my deep deep dsquared v-necks, but I´m not sure you´all ready for it confused.gif

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I'm surprised nobody mentioned about T by Alexander Wang. They have some scoop neck stuff too.

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^ That looks real nice. I might have to pick one of those up at some point.

Acne Limit fit pic (x-post from WAYWT):


- composition: 100% cotton
- care: just got it, but I'll probably machine wash and dry
- cost: retails for $80 or $90, but I got this one for maybe $40 on sale
- sizing: down 1 if you don't want drooping shoulders
- quality: pretty damn nice. Not nice enough to justify the retail price, but the cotton is nice and soft, it drapes pretty well, and it just feels like a nice shirt.
- sluttiness: up there, maybe not on the same level as the Minor Variety scoop-neck, but not entry-level stuff like the AA loose crew.
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I approve of this thread.
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thewho, what size is that heattech and what size is your chest? shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by corneliusparky View Post

thewho, what size is that heattech and what size is your chest? shog[1].gif

It's a size medium. I'm not sure what my exact measurements are, but I tend to fit tts in anything size M/38/48.
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I still kinda don't get the sizing the US, usually M = 40, but in the EU M = 48 = 38.

Anyway, Odyn Vovk long-sleeve curved seam tee:

Only moderately slutty. Pretty oversized (I'm wearing a small and still have a slightly dropped shoulder). Sleeves are extra-long, but the body doesn't seem to be quite as long as the short-sleeve version I have. Fabric is amazing as always (50% pima cotton, 50% modal). Drapes well, and gets better the longer into the day you wear it.
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Wish I'd seen that before spending $100+ on this junhashimoto.

Well, I hope it will be nice redface.gif

Great thread as usual.
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This one ran a little over $100, if it makes you feel any better. shog[1].gif
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Anyone try voidthebrand tees?
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T by Alexander Wang scoop neck:

A little sluttier than AA loose crews, but not by much. The fabric - 100% cotton - feels nice and soft, but it's a little thin. The color, which I think is called forest green, is nice and somewhat textured.

I'm not that crazy about how boxy it fits - wide with no taper - and I'm trying to decide whether I want to keep it. The sleeves have a decent amount of length to them, and the body is long enough but not elongated.
helicopter pic to show boxiness (Click to show)
Originally Posted by captainkim View Post

Anyone try voidthebrand tees?

I have not, but I may give them a try. Thanks for the tip!
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Short/boxy=weird fit for me
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don't keep, doesn't look good
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