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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

For a second I thought that was notwithit and that he had started getting into heavy weights or something biggrin.gif

If only...scrawny4life. confused.gif

I picked up an ASOS 3/4 sleeve scoop-neck, sized up one to large. I'm glad I sized up; I'm pretty sure a medium would be too small in the shoulders, and an open-necked shirt with narrow shoulders makes it look like you stole your GFs shirt, IMO. It's a little shorter and a hair boxier than it ideally would be. I'm gonna give it a cold wash and try to stretch the body lengthwise a little before I wear it.

Also, it's cold enough here that I'm still wearing v-neck + henley + flannel + cardigan or jacket every day. frown.gif
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Anyone know a tee that is more in the relaxed and lengthy side? Trying to establish that tapering effect from shirt to skinny jeans.
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considering buying this tee. I know it's not traditionally slutty but the rolled sleeves exude a slutty look for me.

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You gotta show at least a little collarbone for a tee to be slutty.

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Can anyone provide measurements for the AA Sheer Jersey Loose Crew? The Fine Jersey shirts I've tried were ridiculous (small was skintight; medium was like a tent) and I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of shirts I can't wear.
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AA provides measurements for most items. Don't know how accurate they are though. Sometimes there's even variations within the same size.
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This is my favorite fitting u-neck so far...




Just wish they made them in better colors and fabrics... and I wish the sleeves were a tad longer

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