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Polish shoes

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I recently purchased some Cole Haan Men's Air Keating slip-on shoes for work ( I don't recall if I got the Black or Black Polish. Either way, it is black.


I've never polished shoes before and wonder if different materials have different techniques or materials for polishing. Which would apply for mine?

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I don't own any Polish shoes myself. I've only yet made experiences with Hungarian and British shoes, so take this with a grain of salt.


You have black shoes, so take black polish or wax. There are literally a thousand tutorials out there just use google:

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Lower quality shoes are made with corrected grain leather, which consists of a plastic coating on top of the actual cow skin. If the plastic is thick enough, the shoes might even repel any shoe polish you put on it. The shoes you linked to appear to be some kind of corrected grain but it's hard to tell from just the picutre exactly how bad they are so you will have to experiment and see what kind of polishing you can do with them. If you try to polish them and they don't get noticably shinier then you don't need to polish at all, just wipe them clean once in a while.
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