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Warm Leather Gloves

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I'm looking for a warm, yet stylish pair of winter gloves. I already have a synthetic pair with thinsulate which are pretty warm, they just don't look that good. I live in Michigan so I'm expecting much of the winter to be between 10 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and getting down to 0 and maybe a bit colder at night. I'm usually only outside for 5-10 minutes max at a time during the winter, so they don't have to be the warmest gloves in the world, but still I'd like them to be able to stand against that kind of weather decently. So basically the main options I'm seeing that would fit my criteria would be leather w/ cashmere lining, leather w/ rabbit fur lining, and shearling. I'd normally think that cashmere lining would be really warm, but some people in a few glove threads I've searched through said they weren't really warm enough for winter. Is there any truth to this or does it just depend on the specific glove? I'd like to not spend more than $100 on them.

These are a few I saw that looked like what I was looking for. Which one of these do you think would best suit my criteria, or do you have any alternative suggestions? Thanks.





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Bump. Anyone have any input? I'd particularly like to hear whether cashmere lined gloves are warm enough for winter or not.

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You can't go wrong with lambskin from madova.it or from one of the English glovers like http://www.chesterjefferies.co.uk/Scripts/default.asp or  http://www.dents.co.uk/heritage.asp  Chester Jefferies will make to a hand draft if you send one to them.

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