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$200 tuxedo choices?

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Mantoni or Daniele,

Zara, Tommy, Black and Brown or others?

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Jos A. Bank seem to have Tuxedo separates to 200 bucks, and signature series running at 299$...the sig. series are classic peak lapel, no vent, one button. 

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thanks, where can i get it? ebay? or somewhere new york?

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got its


thanks, looks nice, 158 for jacket + 60 for pant

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Last time I checked was online


And it seems like they're having a buy 1, get 2 for free (of everything) deal right now. 

Might be worth checking out? Could buy 3 tuxedos for price of one, see if any of them fits...if not, flip 'em on ebay.

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For that price, try ebay or amazon

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The sale on the JAB tuxedo separates is still going on (jacket and pants for $200), but the sale on the Signature tuxedos now seems to be buy one at regular price (around $900), get two free. The JAB tuxedo-separates tuxedo is a decent entry-level choice and is available in a peak lapel, one-button style ("classic"; "traditional").

What time frame do have to work with before your purchase? Soon, the Sig tuxedos should be put on sale for at least close to the $200 figure. You may also want to check out the Zaccariello's Formal Wear website ( or store if you live in the Wallingford, CT area. Earlier this year, I bought a tuxedo from there for less than $200 that is really decent-looking for the price.

Hope this helps. All the best in your search!
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Thank you so much, John.

I need the tuxedo in December, so I think blackfriday when I go to NYC on Nov. 23 will be a good chance to see them.

I will keep in mind for the price and style looks nice for this price.

Actually I lived in Toronto.


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