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Celebration of Life service, what to wear

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Last week my mother passed away from mesothelioma. We all knew it was going to happen but it is still quite a shock to even think about.

I decided to have, in her memory and spirit, a celebration of life service for her at my church. I expect around 100 people to show, and I, my wife and my other close family members will be hosting.

This will not be a traditional funeral service with black suits and ties. I would like to dress to impress her and wear something that would make her proud of me. I truly believe you are how you dress.

She was a kind-hearted, loving person who knew absolutely no evil of the world. Wearing black would confuse her, as she lived her life in utter happiness. Flowers, animals, music....all of this a theme to her. I would like to dress appropriately for this service. I may build up the courage to speak and say a few words, but I might just be there to say a prayer and stand with my family as well.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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My sincerest condolences for your loss.

If flowers, animals, and music were a theme to her life, consider maybe a tan suit, white shirt, and a tie with a whimsical motif, particularly of an animal she loved. Hermes is known for making them, but Ferragamo is as well. Certainly, there are many lower tier brands that are accessible elsewhere that do the same thing but I cant speak for those.
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My sincere sympathy goes out to you and yours. Losing a parent is a shocking experience, no matter how well prepared you believe you are.

As for attire, I'd keep it simple regardless - as the event is not about your clothes. Perhaps a brighter tie, square, and socks than normal funeral attire or something like that. If the weather is cold perhaps a turtle neck sweater with sport coat and trousers.

No matter what you tell people - many will come in somber attire regardless. You don't want them to feel completely out of place either.

Simple overall - perhaps just not completely dark and somber.
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Thank you. I will try to check out those tie manufacturers.
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