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Important Announcement!

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THIS JUST IN: It has been verified that expensive suits will fade if exposed to the sun's harmful rays for extended periods.

It has also been determined that the sun most often appears during the daylight hours.

Therefore, the StyleForum community is advised to come out at night only.

That is all.
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And here I was expecting an offer to buy a sunlight-deterrent spray.

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Wow, I am glad I live in a land o'winter for 5 months a year and am covered up by overcoats and parkas except when I go outside for a smoke. Surely the sun's rays are less strong from October to March to cause any damage in 4 minute intervals. I take my holidays in the hottest months so I'm thinking my suits will live forever.
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Michael Scott: May I have your attention please! I have an announcement. Mr. Dwight Schrute and I just returned from a wonderful stroll together and although I probably will never do it again, I had fun. I really had fun with my best friend, Dwight.

Oscar: These aren't announcements.

Michael Scott: Yes they are, you just don't care about the information.

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