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Beginning of September. My schedule dictates that plans be made far in advance. Fear not, kalra2411. I won't miss Cafe de Paris or The Fat Duck at Bray, for that matter.
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Pls see my views below:

Originally Posted by mistahlee View Post
Gentlemen, I am going to London for pleasure.  In the past, in England, I have erred with tipping etiquette.  Would it be an imposition to ask for help with some particular questions?

1.  On my hotel bill, if there is no service charge added, should I tip a percentage of the total?  If so, how much?


2.  The hotel provides breakfast.  Should I tip the servers daily, or wait until the end of my stay?  What about drinks at the hotel bar?  If I sign for them, should I add a gratuity then, or wait until the end?

Comment: If you liked the service then a perhaps add a few pounds when signing. If you don't need to sign at the end, then I wouldn't.

3.  What about the doorman who hails a cab, the bellman who carries my bags and the porter who brings something to my room?  Tip then, or wait?
Comments: A few pounds perhaps if service isn't included in the bill. Usually is.

4.  I gather it is incorrect to tip the barman in a pub.  Does that apply to food service as well?  Is there an acceptable way to tip in a pub?
Comments: Usually service is included in the bill at restaurants. Will be stated on bill.

5.  There will be a private car from and to the airport, for which I have paid the airline.  How much to tip?
Comments: NO TIP. Most likely Addison Lee or similar car service. I've taken them literally hundreds of times and never ever tipped. They get paid through their prices.

In normal cabs, you might add a pound or so. But not more.

Those are the questions that occur to me.  Any advice will be appreciated, and thank you very much.

My overall comment is that you can relax about this issue. It is definitely not as big an issue as it is in America. I genuinely don't feel people are providing you with service just for the tip here. This does come with something you might perceive as less customer service in some places.
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