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Style for Thicker Body

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So I've recently focused a lot on improving my sense of style and wardrobe. I fell in love with the way Neal Caffrey and Roger Sterling dress. My issue is, that is completely not my body type. I recently lost 105 pounds and am pretty much at my ideal bodyweight (gained a good amount of muscle as well), the problem is my build will never look like Neal/Roger as I have a much bigger chest/arms/etc. 


The way I'd describe it is I have a body style more like Will Smith in I,Robot then in Fresh Prince lol. (Not that I look like Will Smith in either picture lol, just meant more body shape)





Do you guys have any recommendations for suits/styles for the bigger body style? 

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I guess Harvey Spectre is a little thicker built. Not quite to the extent I was hoping, but it definitely does inspire some hope that I can still impress even with the non-ideal build.

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I'd check into MTM and Bespoke (if doable), those pretty much the only options if you truly want a good fitting suit for your physique.  


The problem with RTW suiting, is that they're aimed at the very average guy. Either on the skinny/normal side, or on the more hefty side. If you have a big chest(and/or broad shoulders), 99% of the time you'll end up getting something large that fits there, but fits like a tent everywhere else. 

Quite frustrating, since the suit never ends up looking like what you had imagined. That's the downside of being even remotely muscular...ridiculous drops on Chest/mid and Chest/waist section.


With that said, people often recommend Ralph Lauren Black Label for athletic guys. I can't vouch for that, as I've never seen any "built" guys in those suits. They look great on the slimmer athletic though. 

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Dreamspace, thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! I'm new to all of this, and have been looking at some great high-end name suits on ebay, figuring buying a good quality suit and getting it tailored to my body. My only worry is that it will end up looking butchered since it's not the body style it's designed for.

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Originally Posted by CDFS View Post


Precisely! =)

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I have a body shape similar to what you are saying. I am definitely not cut like will smith, and I actually use Gabriel macht (harvey specter) to diatribe my body type. If you wear suits the fit as harvey you will never have to worry about being way out of style. For a poor fitted suit.

Not only that, but Gabriel macht has actually been described as a leader in suit fashion, more than Neal caffrey. Macht's style is classic, and is coming back. Where Bomer's is a combination of fad and classic. The fad (super slim lapels and ties) kind of being widened again.
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