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Anyone watch the D2 championship game? It was a good one between Drury and Metro State. A nail biter to the finish.
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Not sure if it's been mentioned already in this thread, but ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary Survive and Advance on the 1983 N.C. State championship team was fantastic. I'm old enough to (barely) remember this team. They had to win nine consecutive elimination games (three ACC tournament, six NCAA tournament) to win the title, and many of those were come-from-behind wins where the situation seemed hopeless. Valvano was a great in-game coach.
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Off to a good start. lol8[1].gif
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this Albrecht kid had to have sold his soul to the devil a couple of weeks ago. subscribing to see what crazy way Satan collects it in the future
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Albrect is on fire. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Wear gets subbed in and knocks down two free throws to win the game. Everyone cries and Sportscenter doesn't air the next day because it can't comprehend the awesomeness.
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wut is happening?
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this is great
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This is the way a championship game should be. Second half is gonna be so much fun to watch.
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Crazy game. Louisville looks dead, then Hancock goes Albrecht on Michigan.
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I hate college basketball, but this game has my attention.
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this is still an awesome game, but I find myself distracted by Rick Pitino's face. what happened to it? it's like a burn victim/post reconstructive surgery thing
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I keep thinking about how he did the woman on the restaurant table. laugh.gif
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Great game!
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