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Don't care if 'Cuse or Marquette win because Ohio State will stomp either one.
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Ohio State has been getting by on the skin of their teeth. Eventually that runs out.
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Didn't expect the Kansas/Michigan game to end regulation play with so much excitement, and to go into overtime.
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Michigan wins! I had written them off because I thought Kansas had them beat. Wow!
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i'm going to drink so much Bourbon right now....
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Why the he'll didn't he take that layup confused.gif

FGCU, man they ain't afraid of anyone!
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who the fuck brings a vuvuzela to a basketball game. fuck you.
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Johnson is what happens when you marry incredible athletic ability with a low IQ. He had some magical moments during his career, but most KU fans would be inclined to label him a liability. Fuck......
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Was with some friends who went to Michigan at a Michigan place here in NYC. The place was unbelievably nuts after that three. Everyone was almost shitting bricks before it, and then, atomic bomb type explosion in the place. Wild.

Only a few other times time I can think that was more electric in the location I was in.
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I'm so pissed right now, but I can appreciate what the Michigan fans are feeling. I put a hole in my apartment wall when Mario Chalmers hit his 3 pointer in 2008. I didn't care if it would have cost me $1000. All I cared about is that he hit the shot. KU had the game won tonight. Props to the Michagan players for not accepting that.
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I might murder some Chinese folks tonight. They keep clapping and cheering after every duke basket.
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A disappointing outcome last night. Nix and Payne struggled mightily. Nix seemed to always be looking to pass out even when he was at the semi-circle. Curry was a beast and his shooting at the beginning of the second half killed everything State had going. I can't imagine the game was much fun to watch for neutrals with all of the fouls called. The back to back offensive fouls away from the ball, Nix and Costello, were a rough spot. State was having enough trouble getting things done on offense without that cheap stuff being called.

If Payne and Harris come back, next year will be special. Dawson will have a full offseason to work on his shot.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

Ohio State has been getting by on the skin of their teeth. Eventually that runs out.

That was the first 2/3 of their season. They turned the corner when Craft came surging back after the terrible loss to Wisconsin.
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Somewhere, a Memphis fan is enjoying the sweet irony of Michigan's win last night. Self is going to get second-guessed for his decision not to foul before the game-tying three pointer, but I don't think it was a bad decision. Your team just blew a huge lead and one of your players missed the front end of a one-and-one. Do you trust your players to make two free throws under pressure? Or do you take your chances with a long-range three pointer when the worst that can happen is that you go to overtime?
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Michael Carter Williams is a special player, at 6'6" with long limbs, for a PG he has a lot of length. Runs the team well and is not afraid of playing inside. He'll probably leave after this year, if he stayed the full four and developed his body and game, he would be a monster.
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