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Greetings from the UK

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I've just joined this forum after looking for a pair of shoes. After a brief look around I see that Magnanni are not too popular around here. Does that apply to these shoes here?,size:


I should add that I am a UK 13 and struggle for choice my size over here. An alternative would be to order shoes from USA from ebay but the size would need to be right to save a lot of hassle. I am usually size 13 but can be a 12 1/2 in some designs.


A pair I seen from the USA was these. I liked the brown burnished calf colour.


How do you rate those shoes? Any other suggestions?

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Magnanni aren't horrid, they just aren't typically worth the price. AE and Loake are typically better options in that price range. Your bigger problem, at least with those that you linked isn't that you have huge feet, but that you appear to be blind.
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Haha, well help me out then. I'm not good with fashion but thought I'd make an effort for once. Not going above £300 for a pair of shoes though.

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You could do worse than drop Richard Smith a line at the Shoe Healer - he deals with most of the big English shoemakers and will be able to check with them to see what stock models they have in your size.


He's a pleasure to work with and a lot of people on here have dealt with him, and his service is second to none.

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Ah thank you. I went to the site and found these Loakes. I think they are a bit risky but I like to be different. One female I asked liked them and another hated them. What is general consenus on here?



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Tell us what you're planning to wear your new shoes with, and we can make some better suggestions.


I don't want to rubbish those, because there is a time and a place, but... not recommended for you.

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It will be mainly go out to bars/clubs etc. Next time I go out I will be wearing Black jeans because they are easy to iron and this top I bought a while ago. I'm trying to improvemy oerall style but I haven't got mega bucks. I'm tall, fairly well muscled with broad shoulders. I'm not lean but not what you consider fat either. I'm in between a 34-36 waist in Jeans/pants etc. If all that helps. I always hear shoes are very important to be judged on but most of them look plain to me.



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