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$100 (USD)
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For Sale:
Oxxford for Neiman Marcus Grey Wool Sportcoat Partially Lined 48L Tall/Long

Will Ship To: Anywhere

SF doesn't seem to trade much in larger clothing, so here's something for us big guys.


Oxxford Sportcoat dark grey glen plaid with a faint blue overcheck.  See eBay listing below for photos.  This jacket is in very good condition with no visible defects. It is partially lined and the exposed finishing work is beautifully clean. The sleeves appear to have been shortened, but could be let out by about 3".  The jacket has very light shoulder padding and is very well proportioned.


The photos on the ebay listing (see below) show up fairly brown so I have added another photo that I have manipulated to give you a better idea of the color.


Chest: 52"

Sleeve: 25.5" (from the shoulder)

Shoulders: 20.5"

Length: 33.75"

Lapel: 3.75"


Item is listed on eBay:


I don't have a BIN price, so I didn't know what to put as the price in this here I just threw out a number.  This will be sold via eBay as an auction so it might go for more or less.