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So here's something interesting.


A couple of months ago, I visited P.Lal and bought a couple of pairs of shoes, being C&J Connaughts and a pair that were on the "Cheaney seconds" shelf. Here's a couple of pics of the latter:









The SA that sold them told me they were "Cheaney samples from about 2008."


Well, the other day I got curious and did a Google search for Cheaney monkstraps. I couldn't find anything that looked similar. What I did find were these:





They're the Edward Green Stowe, made on the 888 last, according to my research.


So, here's a pic of the inside markings of my shoes:





888 definitely gets a mention, as you can see.


So, my question is, have I picked up a pair of EG's for the bargain price of 699MYR? I'd be interested to hear from anyone who can shed any light on this.





Green, and they're fugly looking.