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Are these Cheaney or Edward Green?

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So here's something interesting.


A couple of months ago, I visited P.Lal and bought a couple of pairs of shoes, being C&J Connaughts and a pair that were on the "Cheaney seconds" shelf. Here's a couple of pics of the latter:









The SA that sold them told me they were "Cheaney samples from about 2008."


Well, the other day I got curious and did a Google search for Cheaney monkstraps. I couldn't find anything that looked similar. What I did find were these:





They're the Edward Green Stowe, made on the 888 last, according to my research.


So, here's a pic of the inside markings of my shoes:





888 definitely gets a mention, as you can see.


So, my question is, have I picked up a pair of EG's for the bargain price of 699MYR? I'd be interested to hear from anyone who can shed any light on this.





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Those markings looks NOT EG.

And your pair design doesn't not look like that EG slash single monk either; they have larger monk strap area
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Based on the pictures provided I'd say they are definately not the same. Still nice though wink.gif
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This style seems to be fashionable now
Dunhill is selling a model likethat made in italy
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A good photo of the soles, especially the heels, would be definitive. The 888 does make one believe Edward Green, but without the heel nail pattern, still tough to say.
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Not EG.
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Not EG. That is not the 888 last.
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No. Look at the stitching on yours especially that small seam on the top of the vamp that seems to secure it. Not there on the EG. Last shapes are not the same.
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Agree with earlier posters. That is not the EG slash monk, that is not an 888 last and that is not an EG marking.

They're stil nice shoes, though.
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the 888 must be a coincidence as the last of the shoe is def not a EG 888


The markings are interesting since while they are unlike anything I have seen from EG, they are also unlike anything I have seen from Cheaney. However, I have only started caring about shoes seriously in the last 3 years and I assume that if there was a brand who has changed their markings in that time frame it would be Cheaney.


I dont have a EG Stowe but I have a EG Oundle which as far as I know was made to replace the Stowe. You can see that the strap is placed very differently

(need to polish that strap)

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Second pair down on this blog are described as Cheaney on last 3888.

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i guess you got it


I find the whole last numbering scheme issue interesting


First there is the issue of continuity. I assume there is no point in using numbered lasts unless you plan to sell similar shaped shoes for quite sometime, which of course means that these must be fairly conservative. To my knowledge there are no RTW italian shoe makers using the concept despite the fact that italian shoemakers can make shoes just as good as the UK. shoemakers


Then there is the issue of how long is your code. The longer the more forgettable. No one will remember a 544232 last. The same can be said for 4 digit lasts like this 3888. It is difficut to see the use case behind last codes beyond 3 digits (with an extra alphabetic entry for width)

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Doing a bit of research on this 8Ace, it seems Cheaney made specials for Plal on their "3888" last.


Also it seems unlikely that this is an EG last 888. I mentioned that Cheaney have used Church's lasts before, but this was probably occasioned by the fact both companies were owned by Prada (and now Cheaney is owned by Church's former owners). So while I did think they must have been a special run for a retailer, I think I was on the wrong track with the origins of the last (seems to be their own).
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Thanks to all who replied. I think the mystery has been solved.

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