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Help me pick my next black business shoe C&J, Carmina etc

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I am looking to add a black business shoe to my wardrobe in the near future. I have primarily been looking at a few models of Carmina and C&J Handgrade or Benchgrade.  Currently I have a pair of EG Midfords on the 82 last as my only black shoe.  


Ive narrowed it own to a few options, but am open to other worthy suggestions as well.  For reference I have a slightly narrow foot and wear size 8.5 UK in the Carmina Robert last, 8.5 UK in C&J 360 last, 9D in EG 82 last.  If one of the options listed below caters to a narrow foot then please make that known.


C&J Belgrave 337 last Handgrade





Crockett&Jones 018.jpg 25k .jpg file




C&J Wembley 360 Last Benchgrade







64-212-produit_zoom.jpg 54k .jpg file





Carmina Punched Cap Oxford on the Simpson last




carmina-80105-simpson-blk-top.jpg 73k .jpg file





THanks in advance for the the help, and feel free to suggest other models/brands if appropriate!

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I have the Carminas you mentioned, but they are not my only pair of black business shoes (...I like black business shoes:embar:) If I was only going to get ONE, I would probably go with one with less brogueing.And I would not go plain toe like in the Wembley. Out of your three choices I'd prefer the C&J Belgrave, but even more likely I'd go for the Crockett & Jones Audley at the same price point, or the EG Chelsea at a higher price point.

However, I am 100% certain that no one at work notices whether I am wearing my Carmina Simpsons with brogues or my EG Chelseas without brogues. smile.gif It's just personal preference, and fit.
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What's your height and weight? More importantly, honestly assess the physical shape you're in. More stocky and/or shorter men look better in shorter, wider lasts with more traditional toe shapes. Pretty much all AE fall into this category. The C&J Belgrave and Carmina do too. Fitter and taller men look better in narrower, longer shoes with more modern toe shapes. The C&J Wembley is appropriate here. 


Might I suggest these RLPL G&G? Sort of bridges the gap between traditional and modern. Plus, the rather obvious goodyear welting adds an illusion of width to an otherwise narrow last, which gets you the best of both worlds.


If you want to spend a bit more, some of the very best RTW (comes in MTO too) shoes on the market are the G&G Deco. This is shoe porn territory, but these shoes are flat out gorgeous, no matter what your body type is.

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Love the Belgraves, and the punch cap carminas have a great shape.


How bout Vass-  3 eye blucher on F and Old English II on U - these are in Cordovan -  for a narrow foot





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I ended up moving forward with the Carmina's on the simpson last from the armoury.  Ill let you know how they work out

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