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Just gave the album 'Everybody' by The Sea and Cake a listen for the first time. Sounds pretty good, though I prefer some of their older albums.
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Have been listening to Massive Attack quite a bit lately, found 3 of their albums underneath some shit in a drawer. Really, really like this group.
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Originally Posted by Homme View Post
Have been listening to Massive Attack quite a bit lately, found 3 of their albums underneath some shit in a drawer. Really, really like this group.
Mezzanine, anyone?
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Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain Parts 1 and 2. Cool compilations featuring Cold War era surf/spy bands from Eastern Europe and Russia.
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Have you checked out their other band?
They are amazing. I have not listened to their latest, but dissolving room is one of the most beautiful records ever. It also sheds quite a bit of light on what you are complaining about.

Is there a place to post tracks of my band? I mean for some constructive criticisim?

Palaxy tracks is pretty good too, they are another Austin chamber goth kind of group like Shearwater, but more electric.

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I received the new Animal Collective, which I've been listening to religiously since Monday. It's definitely the progression that was hinted at on Bees, Banshee Beat and the Hollinndagain album. Lots of tribal drone, yet really slick (welcome to Domino, guys!). I dunno' if its their least accessible, but it's certainly very progressive and it may be their best. I'm not sure yet.

Opened up the new Okkervil River today. I've only given it one listen but the Conor Oberst by way of Jason Molina shtick is in overdrive. What has always kept Okkervil River from veering into overwrought territory is the violence and disturbing images wrapped up in country trappings, which all seem to be downplayed on this record. Seems like a traditional rock & roll hodge-podge.

I've been working on a ring tone so I've been listening to lots of Eno for inspiration. Also, it seems I'm back on the fringe of the gaming industry so I've been taking in The Advantage (who are much more dynamic and rewarding than other game music cover bands such as The Minibosses) and any Yuzo Koshiro I can find.
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Funny you should mention Shearwater, I think the new Okkervil suffers a little because I think a lot of creative energy went to the latest shearwater album, which I liked a lot. I kind of got the feeling that this is Will Sheff's band, and that is Jonathan Meiburgs, though I have nothing to back that up.
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I think you are right.
Have you seen them live?

Jonathan and Will started Shearwater I believe.
The drummer, Thor, is a trip, their bass player is a tasty treat.

I played on a record that they were on (they supported some of the same tracks I supported), they are really nice folks.

I am also really attracted to the subject matter of Shearwaters songs.

What bands would you say are similar?
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I've seen Okkervil a few times, but never shearwater. I love Okkervil's stuff. My girlfriend loved them too, until she listened to the lyrics

As for similar artists, hmm... I guess I'd put in the same category of pretty, dark-themed music: Neutral Milk Hotel, Jason Molina's stuff, maybe Bonnie Prince Billy, the last Minus 5 album.

The bands I've seen touring with Okkervil are all good and fit in with them in some way or another: Elvis Perkins, White Hassle, Man Man, and Charles Bissell (of the Wrens).
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Anyone have the new Liars? I forgot it was being released tomorrow and, like most stuff I actually want, it hasn't been given to me.
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The new New Pornographers is kind of disappointing. I'm still listening to it, but it's nowhere near the absolute gem that Twin Cinema was. That album had a darker edge to it that's lacking in Challengers, which takes the pop aspects to an almost cloying level. The Electric Version is significantly better I think as well. Too bad.
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Shore- What was charles bissell like. I've never been a huge wrens fan but i was curious what he could do on his own. I haven't heard that much new music that i've liked in awhile. I've gotten more into Old Crow Medicine Show lately though. I heard their stuff a year or two back and it has just taken a bit of time for them to really grow on me but i love it now. I'm a big prewar blues and bob dylan fan, so it works out great.
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Neko Case is a Goddess.....
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'My humps' by the Black eyed peas was meant to be a parody, right?
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I'm excited about Britney's comeback releases . . . hopefully they can compare to Toxic.
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