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Anyone know what these are called?

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I don't think I've ever purchased a pair of winter boots but today is the day that all changes. I 've seen this a few time but I don't know what they're called. The soles usually say Vibram usually brown with red laces and they're heavy as hell. These are so tough that if I kicked a dump truck I would proabably dent it. Although they may not be the most handsome of footwear , i'm convinced they'll serve me well this winter. So if anyone knows what they're called it would help with my search. Here's a pic of what I am talking about.
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you could try wolverine.. I believe they have vibram soles.
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Just google classic or nordic hiking boots. there are numerous makers with this style from Fracap to Diemme to Rider to Moncler to no name made in a far off land. They are the old school form and are back in vogue. Of course for many they never went out of style.
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I've got a pair of Scarpa Trek boots like the ones pictured in this link.

They're 17 years old, have been resoled twice, and have been worn on countless hiking/backpacking trips throughout Australia and Asia. I've used them to climb mountains in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Australia, and I've worn them to university, worn them to work, and worn them camping in the bush for a couple of weeks at a time.

In short, they're great and versatile boots and I'd highly recommend them, or ones like them.

One thing to look for in good hiking boots is the "wholecut" style. The main part of good, Nordic-style hiking boots should be made from a single piece of leather which is joined at the back of the boot. Over the back seam is then stitched another piece of leather, to cover that seam. The covering leather is then double- or triple-stitched at the seams to ensure that the seams are as weatherproof as possible.

When you get a pair, give them a good dose of Sno-seal or similar waterproofing product and put them out in the warm sun so that it soaks in well.
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They are also known as Waffle Stompers.
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