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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

Oh don't get me wrong I've been keeping an I on J. Press, but for some reason I can't bear to bring myself to spend $50.

I hear yah. FYI, hats got down to $29 this past February.
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And they are 25% off right now. Altho press charges $10 for shipping
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

OK, so this next listing isn't that cheap, but it's literally the best flannel shirt that Wings + Horns ever made. RiRi zips, great slim fit, excellent fabric -- nothing they make currently comes close. If you buy this you will thank me. This, along with the nanook hoodie, are the two coolest W+H pieces.
Wings + Horns Blue Zip Flannel, $99 BIN

I have one of these in the overdyed plaid (it is basically almost black), I don't really like it all that much. The fabric tends to not lie flat near the zipper, etc.
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Small amount of +J stuff on sale at

Some Etsy stuff:

Pre-Limited era A+F duffel coat $86
(measurements suspicious, could be anywhere from a 40 to a 44)

Rare milsurp m51 (with liner), beat up but who cares, pretty small $65 (shipping charges pretty ridic)

Golden bear leather bomber
, 42, $90

Cabourn olive cotton jacket, large, $279 at

MOnitaly olive chore jacket, 42, $102 (OC is notorious for unfulfilled orders, so prob best to call)
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Hmm, tempted to take a shot at that A+F coat, but I'm not too sure on it.

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in for this. i'll share some stuff i find too...
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awesome thread. subscribed!
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woah that duffle is hot fire... measurements seem way off though.

Made in Japan NDG Shirt, $65 BiN, L
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Patrik Ervell S/S Chambray, L, $60
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Etsy roundup

Not an AMAZING price but still cool Johnson Woolen Mills plaid wool jacket
sz 44 (24 p2p) $75 (neat knit cuffs)

Neat RL Country yellow shirt/jacket (very Engineered Garments) M $25 judging by measurements there's a chance this is a ladies' jacket although it buttons correctly. a 42" chest on a M from this era is surprisingly small IMO. Also may be worth contacting seller--I've contacted sellers before who remeasure and were off by 2"+

Issued Navy Peacoat $75 no size listed WTF is wrong with people

GIANT olive drab wool CPO $25 I like these shirt jackets a lot and $25 is pretty good

Crazy, kinda beat up Austrian milsurp sweater $38 drop shoulder looks to be a size small. Could be a Dachstein sweater, which run to $300 new.

Seller has some nice made-in-Scotland LL Bean sweaters for around $25. Nice basic sweaters; very Put This On.
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Speaking of etsy... Here's a pair of really nice service boots in great condition and super cheap if anyone was interested. Would totally have picked them up if they were in a 10.5-11..... Shape looks similar to Aldens, somebody sized 9 get on that!
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Vtg class 5 down parka, $55. I have one of these. Fit is not the most flattering, but a cool jacket for sure, and built like a tank.

Yoox has some good deals.

Nice navy suede Fracaps
, about $120 after sale

RL shawl sweater (prob RRL), about $100.

Made in Scotland fair isle vest on Etsy

Slight plug, I have some new stuff in my shop, like this Gloverall duffel for $109. Ships free CONUS with code ASL (today).
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I don't have time to make a lot of links, but Tricker's are pretty cheap on yoox right now (random sizes and styles), and there's some good prices on WWM maine guide jackets
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Sierra Designs 60/40 stuff on Huckberry

Some West End Knitwear (Irish sweaters) on sale at Steven Alan (GIFT15 for 15% off)
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