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Shockoe Denim; handmade, custom, and bespoke denim goods.

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Shockoe denim has just opened our doors offering completely hand made denim goods all made in store out of Richmond, Virginia.  The majority of our pieces are constructed with denim from the Cone Mills, aside from special runs from time to time.  The jeansmiths are hired from Virginia Commonwealth University which is located in the heart of Richmond city.  Many graduates from VCU have very little opportunities in Richmond after graduation and our goal is to give them a place and grow the artisan community and economy within the city.   We offer full lines in both men and women’s denim in already constructed, “off the rack” pieces as well as custom and full bespoke.

As of now there are two cuts for men: the CL5 which is a more classic cut with a slight taper and a slim cut called the MS4.  Both cuts are available in 2 types of denim a 13.5 selvedge and a 11.5 non-selvedge.  Selvedge pairs are offered at 225usd and the non-selvedge at 185usd.

Women’s cuts include a classic fit, a boot cut, a slim leg, and even more form fitting slim cut.  The two slim cut models are made with different percentages of elastic to make each pair respectively more form fitting.

Aside from offering “off the rack” options for customers. Shockoe will also be offering custom fitting and full bespoke for customers to achieve their own custom and one of a kind fit for their jeans.

Within the next few months the website and blog at will go active, along with wholesale.   It is an exciting time, seeing as the doors and operation have just begun, and we are excited to see where this all will go.

These are some pictures of our showroom and workspace, as well as pictures of my fit in the CL5.  I will be posting month to month pictures of these in detail as well as measurements and random events in our lives.


please, check us out on facebook and follow us on instagram @shockoedenim,  Thanks!!


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I just got the "Venoms" from Shockoe denim, so good. a classic straight leg fit that is slimmer than a 501 but still fits my big thighs and small waist, plus the denim is a overdye with a black indigo overcoat that gives it a waxy finish look. PERFECT fit and perfect jean for the winter, they are a little stiffer and a bit heavier so it feels awesome. i can't wait for these things to start showing wear.
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