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Cheapest tailor made dress shirt?

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I'm looking for an online store that sells custom dress shirts. I have all my measurements. I saw one place for 20 bucks as an intro price. Thoughts?
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I like the ones from you can look it up maybe you'll find something to your liking.

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The phrase "you get what you pay for" is a curiously specific version of the phrase "if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is." I despise the concept. You don't get what you pay for, at least not if you count 'paying' solely in terms of the amount of money spent on an article of clothing. The idea that "you get what you pay for" is a concept advanced by precisely two categories of people: the type who wish to suggest that your method of acquiring clothing due to your relative lack of affluence is inadequate and the type of people who do not wish to look for clothing at thrift or secondhand stores and feel the need (for whatever reason, as one's preferences in this area are entirely a matter of personal taste and should not be judged) to justify their preferences with a pithy phrase.


That said, I believe I am familiar with the source of shirting in question, and can confidently say that you get what you pay for.

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I too looked around online for a shirt tailor and although some of the websites are very nice looking, it seems to me it would be more accurate going to an actual tailor to go over different style options, and having them measure myself and discuss the fit options I have available.


Hope this helps.



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While I find it convenient to shop online, some still prefer the traditional way of going to the shops or meeting with their custom tailors. I suggest try 1 MTM online and purchase a shirt that way you can check for yourself the quality of the shirt, but don't forget to read the return policy in case you're unsatisfied with your purchase.

post #6 of 6  has a special deal for first time customers.  They have reasonable prices ranging from $50 to $180 per shirt.  It is my favorite place to order custom made shirts from bc I love a spread collar.

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