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What do you think of the Gucci suit by Tom Ford?

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Hello gentlemen,


I am thinking about purchasing this suit here,


I would like to know the quality of the Gucci Tom Ford Era suit. Is it fully canvassed?


If someone on here owned suits from his era, what do you think?


Also, is it worth the price, at $428? As I am a little too young (at 20) to own a piece from Tom Ford's work, so I think this is a best bet at this point.

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Im confused, the bidding is over?

The suit is 99% made by Zegna, so the quality will certainly be there. The question, at 20 years old though, is not to worry if a suit is canvassed. Its if you have the gravitas to support an aggressively styled (presumably, cant tell from the pics) suit that warrants such a chunk of change.
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What about the price? too much change?

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I am very dissapointed that does not have Tom Ford's signature peaks. Without them, that looks like an ordinary, albeit nice, suit that you overpaid for by a couple of hundred bucks.

Quality wise, yes, very good, made to Zegna standards.....

Age wise, hard to date without tag, would guess later than 95 but defo before 04.

Age makes it the reason why you overpaid. If that was Tom Ford proper, $400 is good. Old Gucci, nope, not at all.

If it had the signature peak lapels though, I would guess $400 would be right where the price should be. But it does not....
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does it provide the same fit as Tom Ford suit at the moment? or it fits differ?


I'm about 5'10 and 130 lbs, not sure if it will fit my structure.


I am looking for new suit right now, and it is either this (Gucci TF) or Indochino/ThickAsThieves (M2M). 

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Fit wise, less aggressive than current Tom Ford base B models, although more heavily padded shoulders if memory serves me right.

Shoulders likely to be the area of concern.

However, since you won the suit, play fair with the seller. No returns if it does not work out. Resell on your own account if it proves poorly fitted. I am not the seller in case you wondering lol8[1].gif
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I did not win the suit, but the seller offered a 2nd chance offer for me.


One last question, I am normally wear Dior Homme suit, as it fits me well. My chest is 36 inches, while my waist is 28 inches, so I have 8 inches drop. With this amount of drop, do you men think that the suit will be okay?


FYI, my build is almost the same as Hedi Slimane's, tall.. skinny..

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