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Need Help Choosing a Pair of Brogues

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Hey everyone,

I am wanting to buy my first set of brown brogues for Christmas and I want to see what options are out there for me. I am going for a particular design based on the following rules:


- 100% real leather and quality overall construction 

- Slim, but not flat heels. No chunky platforms.

- Lighter to medium shade of brown

- Slender rounded toe. Nothing pointy or square

- Flat toe section. No elf-like upkicks 

- Tasteful brogue detailing, but not overkill

Only brogues I've come across so far that fit my requirements are these ones from Ted Baker, but I am not sure of the quality:


I've also seen some gorgeous ones for Fratelli Borgioli, however they are hard to come by and are a bit out of my price range.


So if you have any suggestions that match my criteria, then I would love to hear them!

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I would like to keep it under $300

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Strand in walnut or bourbon might do the trick.  A little over $300, but can be had on sale or on B&S for less.

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That is a nice shoe, however the toe is a little bit too rounded for my liking. This shoe is almost perfect: 

Similar design to the Ted Bakers yet in a more versatile shade of brown. Has anyone got to say anything on Ted Baker shoes? Are they any good?

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You have to decide whether these are to pointy, but they are for sure a billion times more elegant and more well constructed than those you posted in your OP:
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I wouldn't say that those are too pointy however I would go any pointier. I like the more minimal brogue pattern that has been done with this shoe compared to the Allen Edmonds. What would be the best place to order these?

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You can do better than Ted Baker shoes.
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You can order them directly through the contact form on the Meermin site.
Those could be of interested for you aswell:
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Thanks. I just sent them a message. Those Loakes do look good, however I prefer the more minimal patterning of the Beaufort shoe :

I like the way the broguing has been done on the Loakes more than the Allen Edmonds. How do these shoes stack up in terms of quality compared to the Meermins?

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Just heard back from Meermin. I can get 10164 model shipped to Australia for about $310 AUD which is about $30 more than the Loakes.

So far it's a toss up between these two:

I am more partial to the brogue pattern of the Loakes due to them having wingtips. Does Meermin make a wingtipped brogue? I really like my wingtips however I would go for the Meermins if they are better in quality than the Loakes for the price. 

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I've neither handled shoes of the 1880 series of Loake nor ones of Meermin but judging from various reports from members of this forum they are both great value for money.
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Thanks for your help Louis XIV. can ship the Loakes that I want with shoe trees and tan shoe polish for about $290 AUD which is under my original budget. I've pretty much settled on the Loake Beafords. Now I just need to find myself a nice set of stone chinos to go with them! 

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What comprises a "nice set of stone chinos "? Or do you just mean a nice pair of stone chinos?
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The meermins are a nicer shoe IMO.
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