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Dress the Fuuma: ties edition

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Let's suppose I wanted to purchase a basic rotation of ten ties that would cover pretty much every situation I need to wear a tie (so marriage, funeral, CBD&casual and 4 seasons) and leaving aside the fact that I already own ties and that I wear one 1-2 times/year, what would be the 10 ties I would need?

Note: I need slimmer ties because I wear slim suit and relatively slight collars and, being lithe myself, stuff looks relatively proportional (not rockerish or anything). Since this is pretty much a thought experiment about a "10 tie wardrobe", feel free to disregard that last bit. I might take some time in jan or feb to purchase some of the recommanded ties.
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Budget a factor?


Edit: I guess not since this is really more of a thought experiment.

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I might get:

Navy grenadine
Navy silk knit
Navy with white pindot
Wedding tie of some sort
Grey wool or cashmere, herringbone if you like
Brown printed neat silk
Brown grenadine
Midnight blue satin
Medium blue neat, maybe with a more summery pattern
Some kind of stripe
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




In the spoiler:


Navy pin dot print, Drake's

Navy knit, Drake's

Ancient madder, Drake's

Grey cashmere, Drake's

Wedding tie, Drake's

Brown neat print, Cappelli

Blue linen, Cappelli

Burgundy grenadine, Cappelli

Striped silk, Cappelli

Navy neat print, Cappelli


Probably a lacking selection. 10 ties is never enough!

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Lacking some Vanda, that's what

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Here is my list:
black silk grenadine
silver-and-black silk shepherd's check
navy silk neat pattern
burgundy silk neat pattern
navy satin or repp
navy knit square end
brown-and-blue check wool
rust herringbone wool
brown or tan check linen
navy and burgundy striped linen

Here is a list more in line with your wardrobe:
black plain weave
black textured weave
black-and-gray check
black-and-gray striped
black-and-gray neat pattern
another neat pattern (in navy or forest green)
brown wool
gray check wool
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Originally Posted by lysandar View Post

Lacking some Vanda, that's what

Lacking many brands, actually smile.gif

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Nice suggestions, RDiaz.

Here's a different, less specific take, obviously based on my own boring preferences.

For most things, Solid Navy Reppe + Black Silk Knit.

Then, a Shepherd's Check Wedding Tie (haven't found one yet I really like).

If you want CBD specific ties, go to the CBD thread and see what GDL wears, pick a few (suggestion: One neat with blue/navy background for grey suits, one with a non-blue background for navy suits).

If you need something seasonal, a dark grey cashmere tie and a light grey cotton or linen tie.

And, if you wear brown shoes occasionally with you suits/SC's, some kind of brown tie.

That's 7 or 8, leaving room for a few more of whatever type you think you need the most. A couple of extra neats for CBD, more seasonals or more basics, like a grenadine, a reppe stripe or a pin dot.
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These are all good ideas, though I would not get satin and I would add a black knit.
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Personally I think it's nice to have a tie that is particularly well suited for evening. Of course, some of the others will be fine at night, but I have a particular predilection for clothing that is meant to be worn at night instead of repurposed business wear. So, this:

Something like this is a pretty good substitute:
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I am just not a fran of shiney ties. Midnight blue solid is a nice tie though.
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  • Navy blue solid reppe
  • A reppe stripe of some kind
  • Light navy blue knit
  • Black knit or grenadine
  • Blue with cream dots (knit or grenadine or woven)
  • Green solid reppe or knit or grenadine
  • Midnight blue solid (for evening wear -- could be satin)
  • Light grey wool
  • Small flower/geometric foulard print with blue or silver ground
  • Ancient madder in any colour

(That list is slightly wintery, but then many people don't wear ties as often in summer)
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Navy/white shepherd check/glen plaid tie for weddings.

Black grenadine tie for funerals.

Black bow tie

Navy cashmere tie

Navy knit tie

Navy small print tie

2x Red/burgundy small print tie

2x Repp tie of your choice/affliation

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All you need is 1 navy, 1 charcoal & 1 light grey. Oh, wait...
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

These are all good ideas, though I would not get satin and I would add a black knit.

Beat me to it.

The black silk knit is possibly one of the most versatile ties you could possibly own.

Get the super-crunchy one from Drakes. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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