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For Sale:
Boglioli Wool Suit - Charcoal Pinstripe, sz. 38

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have 2 Boglioli jackets and 1 suit for sale. Check out my other classifieds. All are brand new from the recently passed season. All sizes 48 (It.) / 38 (US), drop 7.

Apologies for the horrible shirt/tie/suit combo, that's all I had with me at the moment! smile.gif

This suit is a classical subtle pinstripe charcoal color. It's 70% wool 30% nylon, perfect for summer, fall or light winter. I was surprised that Boglioli would use Nylon, as they are known for their high quality materials. However, the suit feels absolutely fantastic and you won't be able to tell that it is not 100% wool. It probably will last longer and look better because of this too. I don't know, but it is definitely very high quality.

The jacket has roped shoulders, 2 buttons and a single vent. Hand stitching on the lapels (I think). The cut is very slim with high armpits. The quality is top notch and it was made in Italy. The buttons are fantastic quality MOP.

Color is best in inside photos with flash.

I am 5'10" 165 lbs. I have different height shoulders, hence the suit being uneven. Measurements are as follows:

Shoulders - 17.75
Chest - 20
Waist - 17.5
Length BOC - 28.5
Hips - 19
Sleeves - 25.5 (unfinished cuffs, buttons included)

Waist - 31"
Leg Opening - 7 and 1/4"

Warning! This suit is slimmer all around than the casual jackets.
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