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Tanino crisci

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I was in the city today and decided to spend the day in shoe stores ... ended up with a pair of EGreen Dovers from Saks(dark oak) and I am thrilled (my first pair - they felt comfortable from the time they touched my feet). I stopped in a few stores: JM Weston Alden Tanino Crisci Paul Stuart (Grenson) Barneys (C&J) BGoodman JLobb Other than the Greens and a couple pair at Weston I was most impressed by Tanino Crisci. I've searched and found various brief references but was curious what the experts had to think about their shoes? (I'm thinking about stopping back in next week but looking for some sort of affirmation.) Thanks..
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They make some beautiful stuff, though expensive in the US. However, the Crisci shoes I've inspected are made with a Blake welt, which I think is inferior to a Goodyear-welted shoe. Their other leather goods are gorgeous.
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A friend from Italy, who is very sophisticated, described TC as the "Rolls Royce" of shoes. TC has a very oldworld design perspective with a contemporary flair. Perhaps "Ferrari" is a more apt description. I own several pair of TC shoes, including their fur-lined suede boots, from their Madison Ave., NYC shop. One quirk, possibly a shortcoming, with TC is they don't have the traditional widths that most other shoe makers use---TC just offers narrow or wide widths. Proper fit, consequently, can be compromised. TC also has a few "Sales" during the year, offering substantial discounts on selected models.
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They are cheaper if you buy them from the website - my two favorites from the current collection, the paco and charles models, run 417 Euro's or $528 including shipping. The US list price is $630. Same with Sutor Mantellassi - the better shoes run $650-$700 including shipping to the US (from the website,) instead of the $700-$800 they are fetching here. Darn the devaluation of the dollar - these prices have gone up dramatically in the last six months. Anyone else notice how expensive things are getting? It seems that Kiton suits are hovering around $5k on average these days. Am I right on that or is it just the stores I've been in??
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