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Help needed for trench coats

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Hello mates,

I am in search of a suitable trench coat. The problem is that I stand 6' 3.5" (193.5 cms) and therefore am unable to find that comes below my knees or around that length.. Burberry is pretty costly and therefore I would be grateful if someone can suggest a good brand (online shops and links preferable as I live in Switzerland) where I can get a double breasted full length coat for around 250 USD.. Burberry is double that prize and hence a bit of an eyesore (though they are the masters)...


Thanks in advance..

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I've had my uniqlo for about a week. It takes most of its style cues from Burberry. The quality is, as far as I can see, extremely good. Price is right where you want it too:




(While US deliveries have been stopped due to Hurricane Sandy, I sincerely doubt you'll have the same problem in Switzerland.)


Kop kop kop!


Hope this helped

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Thanks mate, But where can I find details about the length of the coat.. My main problem you see, is that most of the trenches for normal people comes to me only till my waist (in continental Europe at least that is the case)...



Thanks again..

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Try online, there is Mr. Porter or M&S.

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