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In this thread we can write down whatever small(or big) things we do to make life easier, more affordable on any level. 


If you have a question about something that bugs you, post it here. I'm sure the SF community wants and can help. 



Since it's tradition that the OP starts, here we go.


1. Do stuff like you mean it. You wouldn't believe how many times people let you do stuff/go places just because they think you belong there. This may work better in Asia, than in the old world, but still.


2. If you bike, get yourself a pair of safety glasses. They are seriously the best glasses to keep dirt and dust out of your eyes when there isn't enough light for ordinary shades.


3. Old trick, but somehow, it has to be told over and over again: If your clothes are wrinkly after unpacking them, hang them in the shower and let the hot water run for about 20 minutes. The steam will work wonders on those wrinkles.


4. Are you lazy and have dishes to do? Try the following: Submerge all the dishes in as hot water as your tap allows, mixed with some of your dish washing liquid. Now, wait until the water is cold enough to comfortably put your hand in. This should take about an hour. The hot water/soap mix will do wonders for all the stains, food, etc stuck to your dishes, and will make life so much easier. 


5. Do you life in a dusty area? Get covers for your nicer clothes(in my case that is everything with a collar and all the suits/pants). They are incredibly cheap(at least at IKEA) and work wonders. You can even organize your clothes according to your own system.


6. Do you use wire hangers? If so, stop immediately. Unless it's for old worn out T-shirts, no item of clothing deserves a wire hanger. Invest some cash to get proper hangers(again, IKEA has some good stuff).


Let's hope the force is with this thread, making it long and prosper