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Might as well go all the way up and wear a Nehru...

A Nehru is indeed elegant and even more so when is it is below knee length. A Vienna cost can be very nice. A good Chinese jacked by the likes of Shanghai Tang is nice. These are all meant to button up all the way. an English blazer looks nicer if it buttons close to natural waist and shows a good amount of shirt.

In my opinion the only redeemable 4 button look is either the Korean boyband look which requires you to be in a Korean boy band to pull off, or a 19 century Sherlock Holmes type look with waistcoat, wing collar, cravat a bowler hat and a pocket watch, with mismatched trousers
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I do like the nehru look, but it would be totally affected on a white guy. people keep mentioning K-Pop. I googled and found nothing. Somebody please provide pictures because multiple K-Poppers wearing  four button single breasted jackets will absolutely stop my search for one dead in its tracks. I wouldn't care of Hitler wore one, and if I wasn't surrounded by K-Pop all the time, I probably wouldn't care if K-Pop bands wore them. But as is, the thought of walking around and people thinking I was inspired by K-Pop makes me want to retch.

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C-pop can be worse, although I believe it's inspired by K-pop
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