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Self Edge x John Lofgren "Dessau" High-Top Sneakers

Once we saw what John Lofgren could do with sneakers with his wildly popular Champion series we needed to get in on the action. We've work with Lofgren to create these classic high-top styles, a sneaker that could be part of your daily uniform. They're comfortable, built very well, and the rubber/canvas/stitching quality is as good as it gets for a sneaker.

The new Dessau sneakers are fully hand-made in Japan. They're vulcanized at one of Japan's last remaining factories still committed to this process and made from 100% cotton woven in Japan. But it's only when you pick them up, or more importantly put them on your feet, that you'll find what truly sets them apart. Feel that extra heft, that extra cushion. And the bar keeps rising...taped seams, metal eyelets and vents, double stitched stress points, full sponge insoles, reinforced heel and toe cups. A new gold standard for the classic sneaker.

These are available now in limited numbers in our online store and at SENY, SELA, and SEPDX.

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John Lofgren Black Engineer Boots

We've received the long anticipated new run of John Lofgren's black Chromexcel engineer boots. It's obvious to us that these are the best engineer boot you can buy, with many clients coming back for other colors once they try a pair out. They're that good, and they're back in stock.

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John Lofgren "Short Shift" Engineer Boot in Badalassi Leather

Nobody does engineer boots like John Lofgren, so it was only natural that when we looked at making a modified engineer he was the perfect guy. This is a "short shift" version of an engineer boot, so the shaft has been made shorter for both comfort and to make it easier to wear with a wider range of jean fits. This version also has a slightly less stacked sole/heel, so the boot is slightly lighter in weight and has a shorter break-in period.

We went all out with the leather for this one and had Lofgren source Badalassi's black leather, with a great feel and grain this leather is going to look unbelievable after it has been broken in.

These are available now in limited numbers in-store and in our online store.

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My Lofgren cognac Badalassi engineers after 6 weeks of wear, i can't believe how quickly these evolved. Also the most comfortable boot i've worn in years.

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John Lofgren Burgundy Chromexcel Engineer Boots & Champion Sneakers

Fresh from Japan we've just received a large shipment of boots and sneakers from John Lofgren.

First up we have Lofgen's popular engineer boot done in a dark burgundy chromexcel leather. This leather starts as a deep dark shade of burgundy and is sure to age well considering the chromexcel treatment it's gone through.

We've also received a new run of Champion sneakers, available now in three colors. There were only 100 of each color produced and the fabrics used are as special as the sneakers themselves. Many of our longtime clients purchased the first run of Champion sneakers and have been waiting for a new run to be made so we're happy they're finally here.

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