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I see. The chinos on the Speedway site have 3.5 less inches of front rise than the baker pants. I haven't tried them. You can shoot John an email at Speedway, I'm sure he'll let you know about how they fit.....
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Some pics here:

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A bit confused about the inseam lengths of the chinos. The measurements on Speedway make it seem like these are cropped yet on Sivletto it seems like they're extra long (3 inch cuffs?)

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Confusing for sure.

The pants pictured on Silvetto are unwashed, so there should be 2cm more of shrinkage after the first wash.

Also, perhaps the Speedway measurements are off? It's a good question for John.

All I know is 82 cm is too short for me!
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Nonsense, short is in.  Try them on and post some fit pics. 


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Those could be pictures of me trying on pants in Japanese used clothing shops.
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Originally Posted by Kashiwa View Post

Those could be pictures of me trying on pants in Japanese used clothing shops.

This should be its own thread  .  .  .

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Yes, they would fit better in a "pants without legs" thread.
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lofgren is over his head. selling the boots more than it should be. anyways. theyre basically the same boots as the lonewolf engineers but with a different leather.
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You could say that about a lot of boots/shoes, no?  I mean, really, how many different ways are there to make engineer boots?  And they don't tan the leather themselves, do they?


You're paying partly for the materials, but the bulk of the price boils down to how much the maker's labor is worth.


I dunno, but people are buying them.


I may be buying a pair if I have the opportunity to get fitted.  I hate boots that don't fit.

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mr Unicorn, have you handled the Lofgrens and the Lone Wolf's. Based on your statement, I already know the answer.
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get fitted ? you can just go to hinoya and try on the lonewolf engineer boots. theyre size half inch bigger so go half size down. take note cxl leather stretches alot!

yes ive handled both and im not being biased . im just sating the truth and what i felt and see.

and yes mostly on materials and next is labor but for lofgren most went to the profit
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I'm not saying you're "being biased" Edmund, I'm saying your fabricating your own truths. Why you are doing so? I don't know. What's your motive?

I've seen your posts on the Lofgren boots all over the forum-sphere. You went from saying they're made at the same factory as the Lone Wolf boots to now saying they're different, but "basically the same". Well, of course, they're "basically the same", they're both engineer boots! It's not like the Lone Wolf are bad boots, by any stretch of the imagination. Another fine option would be MOTOR. However, the Lofgrens are superior to both; both in my opinion as well as that of anyone I know who has inspected them (without some ulterior motive). Anyone who has picked them both up can see the obvious differences, including you, if you've actually done so. Whether those differences are worth the price difference is up to the buyer.
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i know its up to the buyer. i dont have anything against lofgren or any of his stuff and i have some of his shirt and a trouser and i like them but the boots at 75000 yen compared to 52000 yen ( lonewolf) and theyre made int he same factory and lonewolf used aniline dyed cxl ( more expensive ) than the leather lofgren uses then explain the 20000 yen upcharge? and yes again the buyer decides im just here to HELP buyers decide weather they buy or not just a piece of advice from a very experienced boot buyer. at the end of the day its consumers against retailers right? consumers have to fight together o these retailers dont hack us with the unexplained upcharge from their own products which obviously looks and quality wise as other boots( very very similar even made in the same factory) . im not going to go into an arguement with you. again a piece of advice from www.vintage-edieee.blogspot.com
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I'm not sure why it matters that Lofgren and Lone Wolf use the same factory.  That seems to imply that they are literally making the same boots and putting different branding on them.  Even without seeing any of the product, I think this is inaccurate.

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