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John Lofgren & Co. / Speedway: the Appreciation Thread

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Introducing John Lofgren & Co.

John Lofgren is one of the top designers of workwear and classic American casual menswear of our era. Hailing originally from California, John lives and works in Sendai, northern Japan. Under the title of John Lofgren & Co., John produces original designs that pay tribute to the golden era of workwear and American casual. The products are the work of the very best Japanese craftsmen, and all materials are carefully sourced to ensure both high quality and excellent working conditions. In addition to a brick and mortar shop in Sendai, John is also proprietor of Speedway, an online Rakuten shop offering all of the John Lofgren & Co. lineup as well as a carefully cultivated selection of the top Japanese workwear goods available today from brands like Freewheelers, Cushman, Toys McCoys, and Dry Bones.

This thread is meant to spread the love for John's passion and dedication to producing the finest workwear inspired wares available today. And, of course, to answer questions and discuss John Lofgren & Co. goods.

To kick things off, it's best to let the products speak for themselves. Here are a few examples of the products that are making John Lofgren the gold standard for workwear and American casual today.

John Lofgren & Co. - Engineer Boots

After a long process of R&D, John Lofgren recently unveiled his long awaited Engineer Boots. In the crowded field of high end engineer boots, these are the stand outs.

Have a look at the spectacular review of these boots over at Vintage Engineer Boots.

John Lofgren & Co. - Shawl Collar Cloth Beach Jacket

This is simply a stunning piece.

An excellent review here:

Three cheers for John Lofgren!
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I have ordered Cabourn from Speedway - perfect transaction. Highly recommended.
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The green chambray shirt looks ill, but sleeves shorter than 26" on a 22-23" chest make me sad.

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Just tried that very shirt on the other day at Mushmans. You're right, it is an awesome shirt. Much more substantial than the usual chambray. And, it is a bit short in the sleeves. I'm 6'2" with (more or less) regular length arms and, while the sleeve length would work for me, I'd like another inch.

I'm sure it's a tough act to balance the sizing needs of domestic / overseas market.
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Yup I'm in the same boat, about 6'2 and some change.
Short sleeves really bug me. Especially b/c I like to show 1/2" - 1" of sleeve when wearing jackets.
It kills me because that fabric looks amazing!
Dark green with a nice slubby texture, tan buttons... nice.
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Excellent word choice. "Slubby" describes this one perfectly. Again, the sleeves weren't the ideal length, but they were adequate for me. Being in Japan, I've come to accept, and even appreciate, adequate.
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Thanks for starting this thread!

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My pleasure!

For anyone interested in checking out the Lofgren engineers, here's a link to a video review.

I have reserved a pair of the Badalassi cognac boots expected to arrive around the end of the year. This is a collaboration between John Lofgren and Mushmans. These are going to be amazing. You can reserve a pair at Speedway.

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Really like those boots, unfortunately they're out of my price range..

What's the difference between the black chambray and the green one? The black one seems shorter in length (so does the red one) and the name is slightly different.

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I think all of the Lofgren chambray shirts are essentially the same fabric, but you're right, they're do seem to be at least two different cuts. I believe the green and the salt and pepper are new models, so it looks like the design has been tweaked to give more length in body and sleeves.
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Just placed an order for the above mentioned chambray shirt in size large.

Hope it fits well

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Hope so too! If you can, post some pics, please.
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Just got the shirt today, didn't realize I had to confirm the order confirmation email from Speedway...

Quick fit pic:





The fit is pretty spot on in my opinion, although like you guys said, the sleeves should be a little longer.

Really like the shirt, feels very substantial and the color is really nice.


For the record, I am 6"3, 190 pounds, 39' chest, 32.5 waist 

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^ can you provide a close-up picture of the fabric?

maybe take a picture of the pocket for instance?

it's hard to guage the color and fabric from that distance
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