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New Danforth Avenue Custom Clothing Shops

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I noticed a new tailor on the Danforth today, located at 928 Danforth Avenue (half a block west of Donlands). It was called "Chavez". There isn't even a sign on the store, just some clothes, pictures, and a small sign in the window. It indicates that they do all kinds of custom clothing. The display was some custom equestrian gear that he had apparently done for some rider (i.e. jacket, pants, etc).


There is also a mens clothing store a few shops to the east of here (towards Donlands). I can't remember the name, but I believe it was at 948 Danforth Avenue. There were a bunch of suits and things in the window display, and a sign saying they do custom-made shirts (3 for $298).


Do any Toronto SFers know anything about either of these places? I've lived near the Danforth for years, and have never noticed either of them before. I think the Chavez place is new, since it doesn't even appear on Google street view.

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Hey Firefox,


I have been going to Wardrobe For Men at 948 Danforth Ave for years. It was previously named LB Uomo and has been in the same spot for well over 20 years I believe. Many of my family members and friends have shopped there over that time and I have the pleasure of knowing the founders of that store as well.


With the long service, it is evident that they provide great customer service and have amazing quality clothing. Whether its custom made shirts, suits or pants or simply what they have out on display, they always have the latest and greatest in fashion, brand and quality. My Dad's been wearing some custom shirts he's ordered for years now and my uncles have ordered a few custom made suits in the past that has lasted till now.


Believe me when I say that 3 custom made shirts for $298.00 is well worth it. I think the best part of shopping at the store is the owner. He strongly believes in customer satisfaction and will answer any and all questions related to where he gets his stuff from and has no problem explaining it. This shows when you see the same old faces coming back to see what's new from time to time.


I have bought shirts, jackets and suits from this store and I am very content with it.


Unfortunately, I have not yet been to Chavez yet but I really hope that helped.

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Thanks for the info. Maybe worth a try at some point.

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