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20 hours in zurich

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I've got a night in Zurich on my way back from Budapest later this month. The odd itinerary couldn't be helped. Anyway, I haven't been to Zurich since high school, so I need some help on where to go, where to drink, where to stay, etc. Any ideas, or favorite spots? Thanks...
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Good luck -- Zurichers themselves consider it the most boring city in the world. Seriously though, there is a part of the old city that has been converted into bars, coffee shops. Tres chic. Can't remember the name of it. Any travel website will tell you about. It's across the river. It's all pretty expensive.
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Ditto what VeroGroup said, Zurich is boring. Plus it's really expensive. You can walk around the whole city in about an hour and a half, other than that I don't know what I'd do there; Maybe check out one of many watch shops?
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Thanks, guys. That's pretty much how I remembered it: boring. I suppose it was a bit naive of me to assume that things had changed for the better in the eight years that I've been away. There are certainly better places out there for a 20 hour layover...
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Just returned from Zurich actually and had to overnight like you have to...  Zurich has a restrictions on jets flying out after some incredibly early hour like 6PM but they let them fly in so it is frequent to get stuck overnight.  Zurich is quaint at times - I awoke at my luxury business hotel to hear cow bells outside.  But it is not as conservative as one might think.  I attended a 250 birthday party for a private bank in Zurich a few years ago - the entertainment was complete with topless body painted woman - they of course where painted to match the tasteful oil painting art collection that the bank had....  Later there was a circus segment in the entertainment that feature TV's.  Needless to say this wasn't the Zurich I knew.  Keep in mind that attending the party where about 1000 of the banks best customers, mostly very wealthy Swiss of about an average age of 65 and nobody batted an eye.  I was told at the party that Zurich has a very active gay community and thus the entertainment reflected this.  In the states people would have gone bonkers and drawn there funds out the next day.   Anyway try this link for Zurich entertainment.  It might give you options for a more entertaining 20 hours in Zurich. http://www.worldsbestbars.com/city/Zurich/ As I scheduled meetings, I can't say I enjoined any nightclubs but the weather was beautiful with the trees in bloom by the river.  I did have time for a quick dinner in a garden.  Hope you have a great stay.
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