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Didn't see where anyone mentioned The Road Warrior. "My life fades. The vision dims.  All that remains are memories ... " Incomparable
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Recently... Cold Mountain - Great camera work. My, those hills of Romania really do look like North Carolina. I loved the scene in the chapel where the folk demonstrate "shape note" singing. Girl With A Pearl Earring - Absolutely fantastic. The real acting occurs not so much in the spoken dialogue but by what is not said but seen in the faces of the actors. Some all time favorites: The Red Violin, Purple Noon, I Confess, The Man on the Train
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Some of y'all might think I'm sheltered for this, but I just saw Pulp Fiction in its entirety for the first time on Friday.  Wow, that was an incredible movie..  I had seen Reservoir Dogs before, and -- to tell the truth -- I wasn't really impressed.  But I gotta say Tarantino did a wonderful job in his second movie.
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"It's the one that says "Bad Mother F***er" on it" from Pulp Fiction (the diner scene, at the end) was quite amusing.
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Yeah, that was a great scene... "What's Fonzy like?" "Cool...?" "Correct-a-mundo."
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i liked reservoir dogs a lot more than his next two. haven't seen either of the "kill bills" yet... btw, there's an italian movie out right now called "i'm not afraid". it's excellent. look for it. can't tell you more about it or i'd give away the suprise.
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MP, I'm going to be seeing "Io non ho paura" tomorrow. They're going to show it tomorrow on campus as part of the Italian film series, so it's free for me.
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I don't know how I could have left Dumb and Dumber off my list - it really is a great movie.
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I'll edit this later, but there a few foreign films that come to mind: Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens): An Argentinean film (in Spanish, obviously...and well the English subtitles are not fantastically get the gist of everything) about two conmen. Not only shows the beauty of Buenos Aires, but also excellently captures the South American economy and its fatal volatility. Nazi era movies: Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod (Gloomy Sunday): A German film (again, in its native tongue), it is a movie about a sordid love affair between three people and the infamous suicide song that intertwines them together. Masterfully shows Budapest in all its glory (is it me or does the name Vass come to mind every time Budapest is mentioned?) and has a fantastic soundtrack to boot. The movie is remindful of the movies Hollywood used to make. Amen: A German film (but in English&#33 about a SS officer and a Jesuit priest and the Vatican's role during WWII and the Holocaust. What is not shown is more terrifying than what is shown. Jon.
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Nine to Five. It's a gut-busting laugh every time.
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I didn't see anyone mention the following, all of which are amongst my favorites, and more than a few of them I would even call "great" Donnie Darko Battle Royale Enter The Dragon The Big Lebowski North By Northwest Leon The Professional Blade Runner Groundhog Day Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas The Fifth Element Oh and Cowboy Bebop is quite possibly one of the best television shows of ALL TIME (animated or not).
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My favorite films: High Fidelity Snatch Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels Monty Python & The Holy Grail Amelie Lost in Translation Punch Drunk Love I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (documentary about Wilco) Evil Dead series Office Space Zoolander Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind The Big Labowski Shawshank Redemption About A Boy Fargo I never really noticed how nearly every single movie in my favorites is at least part-comedy.
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i liked reservoir dogs a lot more than his next two. haven't seen either of the "kill bills" yet... btw, there's an italian movie out right now called "i'm not afraid". it's excellent. look for it. can't tell you more about it or i'd give away the suprise.
Kill Bills are eh... I think Reservoir Dogs is Tarantino's best. Part of appreciating RV is the soundtrack and how brilliantly implemented it is into, which is awesome. Another thing to note is how long the camera shots were - this takes a considerable amount of skill to pull off well.
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I'm jumping in here at the end of this thread, without reading every post, so I apologize if I'm about to repeat something. But... What do you guys think about Tarantino? Not his movies...him. I personally don't like him from what I've seen in interviews, but I'm interested to hear what others think.
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Another movie: We're No Angels Re: Tarantino - I find his movies a bit violent for my taste,'s pretty remarkable that he started out as a video store clerk and without formal education in film has become a very successful director.  Some of his cameos have been pretty entertaining.
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