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Great movies?

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Well, Versace, I figured I'd take you up on the offer.  How bout it fellas?  What - in your opinions - are the great movies of all time? (I'm sorry I'm not starting, but I just got in really late and need to get to sleep.  I'll post mine tomorrow.)
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Batman The Rock Das Boot The Matrix(only the first) Speed Cinema Paradiso Starship Troopers Blade Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Office Space Seven Samurai Dr. No Goldfinger The Gods Must Be Crazy The Lord of the Rings trilogy E.T. Bad Boys Mary Poppins Coming to America Terminator Terminator 2 LA Confidential Meet the Parents Die Hard Pulp Fiction True Romance Ronin Heat Blade Taxi Driver Raging Bull The Usual Suspects The Graduate
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banksmiranda - Especially good calls on Office Space, Meet the Parents, Ronin, and Heat (sounds like you're a DeNiro fan as well). I'm not sure if the following movies would be classified as 'all-time greats, but they are worth taking a look at if you are interested. Independant Films: Pi - Darren Arnofsky's first film. About a socially-reclusive mathematician that discovers the mathimatical 'code' needed to predict the stock market. He slowly goes insane as people trying to get the numbers from him push him over the edge. Done in black and white on grainy film. Requiem for a Dream - Darren Arnofsky's second film (better, IMO). Three kids (age 22?) living in Brooklyn strive for a better future. They are living ok lives, but strive for happyness. They use drugs as both their means for temporary happyness and as a means of getting money. Every time they try and better their lives it makes it a lot more screwed up. The music score is great; the soundtrack is the thing that led me to watch the movie in the first place. Mainstream Films: Snatch - Guy Ritchie's second film. Starring Brad Pitt, Vinnie Jones, Jason Statham. I'd consider this a heist-comedy. Several different parties are all after an 84-carat diamond. Lots of humor along the way. Its a British movie and very well done. I don't know a single person that has watched this and disliked it. Also, check out Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (Ritchie's first film). A high-stakes poker game leaves some friends 500,000 pounds in the hole. Kind of similar to snatch as far as the humor and antics, but with a different plot. I'll add more later, I'm off to take some ebay photos.
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Lock Stock and Snatch were enjoyable, though compared to Tarantino's movies they seem like Disney productions.
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Big Fish - see related post Catch Me If You Can The Count of Monte Cristo Gangs of New York Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark/ The Last Crusade Men of Honor Ocean's Eleven (remake) Orange County Philadelphia The Sandlot Star Wars (the original trilogy) The Sting The Usual Suspects Zoolander
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Memento House of Games The Spanish Prisoner Identity Minority Report Pulp Fiction Face/Off Changing Lanes About a Boy Thelma & Louise Alien Raiders of the Lost Ark Seven Fight Club
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What about godfather and scarface.? Godfather I and II are the best Scarface Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Kill Bill Bowling for Columbine Usual Suspects Fight Club Punch Drunk Love Lost in Translation El Mariachi/Desperado The Shawshank Redemption American History X Saving Private Ryan Ocean's 11 Memento Silence of the Lambs Citizen Kane Se7en Not in any particular order, jus off the top of my head. Never get tired of watchin those movies. - Andrew
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Everybody seems to have mostly newer movies on the list. In addition to many of the ones listed I have to add some older movies that fit the list- Citizen Kane Touch Of Evil The Big Sleep Casablanca The Maltese Falcon Psycho Notorious Rebel Without A Cause Rio Bravo It Happened One Night Singin' In The Rain Taxi Driver(this isn't EALLY old, but not really NEW) -And then the newer ones The Untouchables Ocean's Eleven Analyze This/That Thomas Crown Affair(Either Version) Out OF Sight Reservoir Dogs Pulp Fiction Usual Suspects Godfather I & II (These are the same as "Taxi Driver") GoodFellas Casino L.A. Confidential ...and so many more
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How could I forget?.    The Godfather Also gotta mention these...    About A Boy    Big The Family Man    Gladiator    My Cousin Vinnie    Rudy    The Patriot    Some Like It Hot    Spy Games
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many of the films mentioned so far are good and entertaining, but not what i'd consider to be great. great art moves you emotionally, intellectually, and sometimes spiritually-it hits you in the gut and when the film is over you feel you've truely experienced something. at the risk of sounding like the simpson's comic book guy... italian: la dolce vita accatone- best movie about a pimp rocco and his brothers 8 1/2 le notte di cabiria-funniest movie about a prostitute il bell'antonio-best movie about a dandy (or metrosexual) amore-best performance by an actress ever, also best "just got dumped" scene ever in english: taxi driver raging bull- robert de niro's best performance and best boxing movie ever. 2001: a space odyssey a clockwork orange husbands-best guy/middle age crisis movie ever a woman under the influence godfathers 1 and 2 last tango in paris the last emperor shanghai triad (chinese) yojimbo (japanese) hunger (danish or norwegian) best starving artist movie ever tampopo (japanese) rififi (french) the original 'ocean's eleven' was based on this my life to live (french) best drama about a prostitute ever les enfants terrible (french) comedies (though any of the above is good for laughs): man bites dog (belgian) best movie about a serial killer the hot chick with rob schneider the doors natural born killers the graduate almost any woody allen film (i said 'almost') anything by almodovar anything by pasolini
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When Harry Met Sally (Billy Crystal's great in this) Beverly Hills Cop Trading Places (Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd)
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many of the films mentioned so far are good and entertaining, but not what i'd consider to be great.
Good point -- I guess the subject shoulda been "Movies We Love." I'll have to remember to check this thread the next time I decide to rent a movie. I hate when I have to spend half an hour wandering around looking for something I haven't seen and would like to.
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glad to hear it navystyles. i edited my list with a little more info about some of the films. some of them will be hard to find, but you'll find them with a little searching.
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I've always like The Iron Giant. It's animated, but it's still awesome. Especially the end.
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Here are some of my favorites - Lord of the Rings - amazing. Star Wars - the original trilogy The Adventures of Robin Hood - with Errol Flynn Boiler Room - Hey, I used to be a broker When Harry Met Sally - my all time favorite romance Saving Private Ryan - powerful Say Anything - "I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen." Breakfast at Tiffany's - Love the style of George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn. American Pie - my guilty pleasure, hilarious. To Catch a Thief - Cary Grant and Grace Kelly - wow. The Right Stuff - American ingenuity at it's best. The Insider - IMHO - Russell Crowe's best work so far. Traffic - powerful look at the drug problem. Love, Actually - best movie I've seen recently. I know there are more, but this is a decent start. Bradford
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