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Hello gentlemen, has anyone purchased a pair of shoes from Sagara? I already placed an order, but I'd like to know if someone here has a pair and what their overall experience is like and how they like their shoes.


I started my interest in Indonesian shoemakers since I saw the Santalum video on Vimeo. Their craftsmen appear to be very traditional and skilled. Unfortunately, their customer service was the worst customer service I ever experienced in my life. Even a stockist had trouble with them as well and no longer carries their brand. (I went with the stockist since I didn't want to deal with Santalum.) That ended up with a cancelled order.


Anyways, I eventually stumbled upon Sagara and their products looked far superior in quality and style in comparison to Santalum. So I decided to order the following:


Imperial III - Whiskey Calfskin

Capital II - Chestnut Calfskin

I'll post my entire order experience and review of both pairs when they arrive. Maybe I'll take some pics too. Thanks for reading.