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Shopping in Frankfurt/Dusseldorf

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Hi everyone. Although I'm German, I haven't been in there in a long time..but my father is flying over on Monday for his mother's birthday. 


I've wanted a pair of Chelsea boots for some time now, but the selection here in Toronto is honestly quite awful. I was thinking my father could pick me up a pair at either a shop in Dusseldorf or Frankfurt. I'm looking fo either black or dark brown, preferably not breaking the bank (200-250 Euro's). Any ideas of spots he could take a look at?




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A friend recently bought some chelsea boots at chelsea farmer's club in Duesseldorf.

Have a look at Diehl&Diehl in Frankfurt, a nice shop with great owners - their chelseas might be more expensive though.
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No idea about Düsseldorf but
+1 on Diehl&Diehl in Frankfurt, just take into consideration they only offer shoes upwards of EU41/42.
Also check the small collection at Cove & Co at Bethmannstraße and the selection on the first floor of Görtz between Zeil and Freßgass.
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+1 on Goertz. Could also check out the Lloyd shop in MyZeil, or the shoe section at Ansons, also in MyZeil.
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There was a place selling reasonable Peal & Co stuff at the corner of Kaiserstrasse and Moselstrasse, right near the main train station/sleaze district. Can't recall if they had any Chelseas though.

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