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Hary Rosen FCP Sale

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Hey everyone,


Just a heads up that the Harry Rosen at First Canadian Place appears to be having a sidewalk clearance sale. I just walked past there a couple hours ago, and they were selling dress shirts and ties for 40%-50% off. They had a bunch of tables set up at the entrance for browsing. Actually seemed to be a pretty good selection of stuff overall. Pricing is all over the place; some of the ties I saw were +$200, others were around $100 (pre-discount).


I only took a brief glance at the shirts, but they had the usual stuff (Etro, Boss, etc). Again, 40%-50% off.

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Thanks for the heads up. They might be getting ready for their private sale, which should start sometime in the next couple of weeks.
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OT, what's typically included in their private sale? Is this something that all the locations do, or is it limited to the FCP location? I noticed that the HR in the Eaton's Centre didn't have anything on sale yesterday.

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It's basically their unadvertised winter clearance sale. Customers on their mailing list get a heads up before the sale is widely advertised.

Starts at 30-40% off in November, and then eventually goes up to 60% by the time January hits. I haven't received a notice yet, but it should be starting soon.
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Good to know. An SA at the Eaton's Centre location that I was dealing with added me to their sale mailing list, so hopefully I get a heads up as well.

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Just to follow up on the posts above, Harry Rosen's private sale is going on this week (until December 6th, I believe). The postcard I received indicated that certain suits, sportcoats, and pants were up to 1/3 off. They also have some additional deals (i.e. if you buy a suit or sportcoat/trouser combo, you can get 20% off outerwear). I was kind of hoping that outerwear would be included without having to buy a suit; oh well.

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