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Weight Loss / Weight Gain and Tailoring

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Hello Gents


Quick question regarding weight gain / weight loss and tailoring -


I've never made a huge leap into tailoring proper given my yo-yoing weight.


My first foray into bespoke shirts and odd trousers saw me gain a fair bit of weight. Needless to say all those shirts and trousers now lay at the back of my closet.


I've started to shed some weight but progress has been slow.


The OTR M&S trousers I've bought for work (and had taken in recently) have started to become too loose again.


I'm contemplating getting some trousers and shirts made again but worry that they'll have to be altered again with more weight loss.


How do you guys get around this?


Get clothes made and hope to alter it as much as possible?


Or put it off till you reach your ideal weight/size?

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Pants can be made with side adjusters. One advantage of that is in handling weight-related changes. Of course if pants are too loose, a belt can help - although regardless of waist fit, there's a point at which the whole thing looks too baggy.
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With trousers and jackets, there can altered depending on the inlay; however, if you are yo-yoing between 3 sizes (or more) then altering the garments would not be worthwhile. Shirts would be the concern, they less forgiving.

You should avoid spending lots of money on clothes until you have a settled weight
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I have the same issue. I lost about 40lbs in the last 7 months. I'm pretty stable now but I'm not completely satified and wish to loose a few more pounds (mainly in the mid section).I've been at a stanstill for a few months regardless of my efforts. I'm going to give it one last try. If I don't drop anymore I will consider purchasing some new better fitting item. If I am able to shed a few more I will wait at least 3 months to insure that I'm relatively stable before I alter and/or purchase. I held off buying anything expensive. I also kept my jacket on at all times as it would have been useless to alter my paints. I did purchase some inexpensive pants in my new smaller size to get me through..
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