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For Sale:
NEW Naked and Famous Japanese Weft Selvedge Denim 26oz black weirdguy Tag 30

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Heaviest Denim ever made, ONLY 190 pairs produced. super rare.

I gave it a soak but no luck. SOLD


From the Naked and Famous website...

“This tough fabric was so difficult to weave; our Japanese suppliers said they had to battle against the looms to make it happen. The shuttles were loaded with such heavy and rigid black weft yarns that it struggled to make each fill pass. As a result this created “a war within the loom” and the vibrations (loom chatter) were intense! This is all evidenced by the beautifully unique and irregular character of the resulting denim fabric…”


waist 16

front rise 9.5

thigh 11

knee 8

hem 7

inseam 34

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