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Help! Can't find brogues that fit

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Really frustrated today - have never bought brogues or proper leather shoes before and had set my heart on the green colour Trickers Brogues. I really love the colour and want something that's going to last for ages. 


I tried them on at the shop, and an 8 was too big (I could stick my finger down the back of my heel) - the 7.5s were snugger and better in that way, but I felt like my little toe on my right foot was being squashed in. Not a lot, but enough to make me think I shouldn't get them. I had pretty much no movement in that toe (but enough in my other toes). The guy at the shop told me I was best not to buy them as really you needed to have a lot more movement in your toes than that, and that being trickers and so solid they wouldn't expand that much. 


I tried some other brands, and all had the same issue - I guess I just have funny shaped feet. At Crockett and Jones they told me that the shoe would expand and not to worry about it too much, but I wanted to get a few second opinions on this. I've never bought proper shoes before so it's hard for me to judge, but the last pair of (much cheaper) leather shoes I bought I can't really wear because they're too small and don't want to get that wrong if spending this much money. 


What do people think? Are brogues out for me? Or should I trust them when they say they'll expand a bit? They offered me to buy them and wear them at home for a bit to wear them in, which I could try. 


Also - I had my heart set on coloured brogues - do anyone else do them other than Trickers?



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Did you try to get a wider width or is that not available for the shoes you tried on? They might not because alot of the European brands only come in D width.


The C&J salesman is right as the shoes will expand slightly, probably by 10% as you break them in (you could also use a shoe stretcher). Personally, I wouldn't bank on this because a pair of shoes that is too tight is extremely uncomfortable, and at times, painful. 

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No - I asked them to let me try all different widths and most didn't have them - in C+J, the wider one was just too big in other ways - the normal fit fitted me fine apart from that one aspect - frustrating!


Interested to know - should you be able to wiggle all your toes a decent amount in leather shoes? Does it matter if some of them are a bit bunched in - it wasn't painful, but I could potentially see it becoming painful over time. 



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They shouldn't be running free in that your toes can expand laterally to the maximum width, but they also shouldn't be extremely constricted. There should be little room for movement, even for shoes that get significantly more narrow at the tip. The extreme narrowness at the tip also shouldn't be a problem because your toes should not be there.


For the C&J, the wide width is too big in what way? Does the larger width at 7.5 make the shoes too loose and a little too long? If so, try the 7 at the wider width. I have personally sized down a full size while extending my width to get comfortable.

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Thanks - really helpful. Ach, I tried so many on that I can't quite remember now what happened with the wider width - I think we may have done exactly what you suggested (smaller size at the wider width) and that was the one that fitted the best, but there was still some contraction. 


I think what I'll do is try as many as possible, to see if I can find a pair that are a little better fitted for me. Thanks for the help!



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Good quality leather shoes are extremely comfortable, something I failed to grasp until recently. At the price range you are looking at, the fit should be great and you should love the style. After all, you are the one paying $600+ for a pair of shoes.

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It won't be a problem with brogues.


You need to find a last that fits you.  Continue to try the quality makers in different sizes and widths.  Churchs, Loake (1880), Edward Green, Cheaney are also worth trying (although there will be big variations in price).  I'd be astonished if you didn't find anything comfortable there.


By 'coloured' do you mean brown?  The brown versus black thing has been debated many times.  It depends on what you plan to wear the shoes with.  For non-business formal occasions, dark brown will be one of the most versatile choices.

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