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The Voice

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Okay, somehow, this became a guilty pleasure.

Prediction: Scottish guy wins.
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My money is on Cassadee Pope. Great voice, attractive but not in a threatening to women kind of way, built-in fan base from her band.

If she doesn't win, I think the Scottish rocker or Trevin Hunte will take it.
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What might kill the Scottish rocker is his focus on classic rock. That guy has one helluva voice though. While I'm not a fan of Christina's music, her vocal talent is undeniable, so when she's complimenting someone's voice and range that's impressive. Did you notice the other contestants off camera when he was singing? They were all doing the bowdown/not worthy thing.
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deborah will win, no question.
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Tonight I tuned into The X Factor, which The Voice is supposed to be a rip-off of. I was shocked by the quality of the contestants. Most of them were a step above the karaoke bar, and they were getting lavished with praise by the judges! Lesson learned: I'll stick with The Voice.
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The singers are generally good because the whole idea behind The Voice is to choose contestants solely on how they sound.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

deborah will win, no question.

De'borah has a very good voice, but not an elite one, combined with a compelling back story. I think she'll do pretty well, but no way she beats somebody like Trevin.
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Loren Allred's father directs the choir that I sing in.

I'm rooting for her.
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Terry's voice is flawless, but his singing is straightforward, with few runs, flourishes, and other changes to the source material. That may be a virtue depending on how you view singers making well-known songs "their own," but I think it will hurt him in the long run because audiences expect these kinds of things. I have him losing to Cassadee in the semi-finals.
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I think he gets to the finals but ultimately looses to someone that is more pop flavoured and younger. I do predict he gets taken on tour though as he is far too seasoned and technically proficient not to put into your road show.
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Top performances tonight (in order):

Amanda Brown
Loren Allred
Cassadee Pope
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I have never watched more than five minutes of American Idol, X Factor, whatever, but The Voice rocks.

Top three, given that I haven't seen tonight's live round yet:
Liz Davis
Amanda Brown

Best seven second blurbs:

Biggest disappointment:
Avery singing a Chris Brown song and getting dropped

Cassadee was way off pitch on the knockouts, but as a counterpoint, Avril Lavigne.
Terry has incredible pipes but is built to be in front of a band, not a soloist. He is obsolete in an autotune era.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Here's the winner:

Haven't seen the show (obviously), but am always amazed how many nasal sounding voices get through to later rounds in these kind of shows.
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Top performances tonight (in order):

Sylvia Yacoub
Trevin Hunte
Nicholas David
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