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Official: STAR WARS THREAD. These are the droids you're looking for. **WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!** - Page 172

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yea, cool still it won't work
it is a masculine movie with female lead, Harry Potter is a lot like Luke Skywalker but the story is told totally different. You will still get majority male fans. Not that there is anything wrong with it.
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I think you have a very narrow view of women.
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I think you have a view that they are males with boobs, while I think we could be better off if that was the case it is not the case
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Star Wars over the years has already enjoyed a more gender diverse fan-base then almost any Sci-Fi franchise. The females may not outnumber the males, but it's never been a sausage fest. I see little reason to believe that Disney's strategy will not work here. They are after all experts at designing products that have appeal to young girls.
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To be honest the only roadblock I could see in this strategy working is the film's rating. It's PG-13. I tried to get my Brother-in-Law to let me take my niece when I was visiting them for X-Mas and he decided against it because of that.
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Well first set of figures toys didn't even feature Rey for some reason, instead it had noname Stormtrooper and noname FO pilot so I don't think they have high hopes of stealing girl toys market with SW. Maybe with lego it's more equal. I have 10yr old halfbrother and he liked the the movie and is huge SW buff and watches rebels sometimes with me smile.gif BUt like me he was indoctrined from early age, like real jedi. My niece is 3 and she plays with cars more than with dolls so she is definately jedi material too.
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I'm thinking whoever was in charge of merchandise decided that "action figures" wouldn't be a good area to focus for Rey? There were still plenty of other items, like shirts and posters for girls to buy. The backlash showed that maybe they were wrong in this assumption?
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Hopefully Rey will be a popular character with girls because not a whole lot of boys will be dreaming about being Finn (or Whino, for that matter, though he at least has a cool sword and mask). Contrast that with the first movie where boys wanted to be Luke AND Han (and the bad-ass Vader and the cool Obi-Wan) and girls wanted to be Leia. The hero factor in TFA is pretty low. Rey for the girls and no-one, really, for the boys (although Poe Cameron shooting down all the tie fighters and storm troopers seems pretty cool). Nunchuk trooper is the sleeper star character, but that is thin sauce. His life story prequel would probably be the best thing to come out of this reboot.
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It's known Poe will have a much more expanded role in the next two films.

I'm not sure why Finn would be excluded from this conversation. He had some of the funniest moments and developed bravery over the film. He didn't win his fight with Kylo, but don't forget that Luke lost versus Vader in ESB.
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Finn seemed hapless and bumbling. He may be a good guy and may even have an interesting story line, but he isn't the kind of hero kids fantasize about being. Luke's father was a famous Jedi and ANH sets him up as the continuation of a line of great heroes who are going to have grand adventures. And he fires the shot that takes out the Death Star. And he has this really cool sword that used to be his father's. And he gets a medal at a huge awards ceremony.
Finn is a tr8or (albeit to the bad guys) who runs away and bumbles his way through. He leaves his "girlfriend" then realizes that he is pretty lame so goes back for her, though she barely cares and doesn't need him. He loses most of his fights and his great accomplishment, which is the focal point of the film, is . . . Poe lets him keep his jacket. Or, put it another way, if you and your eight your old friends play Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and you get to be Finn (because Nunchuk guy was already taken), what do you get to do? Run away (from the First Order). Run away and come back (from Rey)? Get beaten up by Whino? If you're the right "kind" of boy, the highlight for you will be when you get to wear the cool-kid-who-is-playing-Poe's jacket.
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Yea seems like Poe has more potential, actor playing Finn did a good job with what he had, but they didn't give him much to work with. A lot will depend if Finn turns out force positive, maybe then they can do more with his character.
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I didn't say Finn was a bad character. Just that he is not an inspiring hero for a young boy.
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I think Finn represents the audience in most ways, which is why so many people identify with him. He's thrust into this world, as are the viewers, and fully admits he needs help from everyone along the way.

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maybe problem is Rey does everything too good so he looks like a stooge in comparison, probably some balance in ability and usefulness between him and Rey would make him more viable action figure material
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Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post

Which brings up a point that has always sort of bugged me about the SW universe: how is it that a mass murderer gets to be "redeemed" by a couple of virtuous acts? Vader killed countless people but somehow turning on the Emperor and saving his son one afternoon made that all okay? Kylo murders his own father along with a bunch of helpless villagers, but we're all fully expecting him to somehow turn things around and maybe get Leia a Mother's Day card by this time next year. It's kind of troubling, really. It's like having Stalin do all his Stalin stuff and then save a puppy from drowning in a pond and all of a sudden he's everyone's hero.


How is it any different than most Christian teachings?  One can commit all kinds of evil acts, but asking for forgiveness is often enough.  Plus you're stretching your argument - it isn't like Vader saves a puppy.  He kills a Sith Master who is murdering millions and suppressing trillions (or more).

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